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  1. I review George Levine’s provocative and highly original book Darwin Loves You. Levine, whose “home discipline” is English Literature, offers a compelling interpretation of Darwin’s works, evaluating their conten...

    Authors: Adam M. Goldstein
    Citation: Evolution: Education and Outreach 2009 2:131
  2. Despite earning half of all science and engineering undergraduate degrees between 2007 and 2016 in the USA, women were awarded only 39% of earth science degrees in the same time period. In order to better unde...

    Authors: Ron E. Gray, Alexis T. Riche, Isabel J. Shinnick-Gordon and James C. Sample
    Citation: Innovation and Education 2021 3:3
  3. Psychometric properties include validity, reliability and sensitivity to change. Establishing the psychometric properties of an instrument which measures three-dimensional human posture are essential prior to ...

    Authors: Yolandi Brink, Quinette Louw and Karen Grimmer-Somers
    Citation: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2011 12:93
  4. Authors: Elodie Nemery, Annick Gabriel, Dominique Cassart, Calixte Bayrou, Joëlle Piret, Nadine Antoine, Monika Nilsson, Lars Steinwall, Inger Jacobson, Ângela Martins, Carla Carvalho, Inês Viegas, Denis J. Marcellin-Little, Ola L. A. Harrysson, Christopher S. Crimi, David Levine…
    Citation: Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 2016 58(Suppl 2):85

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 58 Supplement 2

  5. Authors: Olga Lomakina, Ekaterina Alekseeva, Sania Valieva, Tatiana Bzarova, Irina Nikishina, Elena Zholobova, Svetlana Rodionovskaya, Maria Kaleda, Yasuo Nakagishi, Masaki Shimizu, Mao Mizuta, Akihiro Yachie, Yuko Sugita, Nami Okamoto, Kousuke Shabana, Takuji Murata…
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2017 15(Suppl 1):44

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 15 Supplement 1

  6. A few puzzles relating to a small fraction of my endeavors in the 1950s are summarized herein, with answers to a few questions of the Editor-in-Chief, to suggest that the rules of variability in time complemen...

    Authors: Franz Halberg, Germaine Cornélissen, George Katinas, Elena V Syutkina, Robert B Sothern, Rina Zaslavskaya, Francine Halberg, Yoshihiko Watanabe, Othild Schwartzkopff, Kuniaki Otsuka, Roberto Tarquini, Perfetto Frederico and Jarmila Siggelova
    Citation: Journal of Circadian Rhythms 2003 1:2
  7. Increasing life expectancy but also healthspan seems inaccessible as of yet but it may become a reality in the foreseeable future. To extend lifespan, it is essential to unveil molecular mechanisms involved in...

    Authors: Clémence Topart, Emilie Werner and Paola B. Arimondo
    Citation: Clinical Epigenetics 2020 12:97
  8. For reasons poorly understood, and despite the availability of biological medications blocking IL-1 and IL-6 that have markedly improved overall disease control, children with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arth...

    Authors: Scott W. Canna, Grant S. Schulert, Adriana de Jesus, Alex Pickering, Hermine Brunner, Massimo Gadina, Stewart Levine, Raphaela Goldbach-Mansky, Jonathan Boutelle, Rashmi Sinha, Fabrizio DeBenedetti and Alexei Grom
    Citation: Pediatric Rheumatology 2020 18(Suppl 1):53

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 18 Supplement 1

  9. Quantitative analysis is an important part of the morphological assessment of the diseased mitral valve. It can be used to describe valve anatomy, pathology, function and the mechanisms of disease. Echocardiog...

    Authors: Madalina Garbi and Mark J. Monaghan
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2015 2:203007
  10. The network model of innovation widely adopted among researchers in the economics of science and technology posits relatively porous boundaries between firms and academic research programs and a bi-directional...

    Authors: Tim Lenoir and Eric Giannella
    Citation: Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration 2006 1:11