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  1. The “Age of Blood in Children in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit” (ABC PICU) study is a randomized controlled trial (RCT) that aims to determine if red blood cell (RBC) unit storage age affects outcomes in criti...

    Authors: Marisa Tucci, Jacques Lacroix, Dean Fergusson, Allan Doctor, Paul Hébert, Robert A. Berg, Jaime Caro, Cassandra D. Josephson, Stéphane Leteurtre, Kusum Menon, Kenneth Schechtman, Marie E. Steiner, Alexis F. Turgeon, Lucy Clayton, Tina Bockelmann and Philip C. Spinella
    Citation: Trials 2018 19:404
  2. Transfusion is a common treatment in pediatric intensive care units (PICUs). Studies in adults suggest that prolonged storage of red blood cell units is associated with worse clinical outcome. No prospective s...

    Authors: Oliver Karam, Marisa Tucci, Scot T Bateman, Thierry Ducruet, Philip C Spinella, Adrienne G Randolph and Jacques Lacroix
    Citation: Critical Care 2010 14:R57
  3. Physicians often administer corticosteroids for the treatment of fluid and vasoactive infusion dependent pediatric shock. This use of corticosteroids is controversial, however, and has never been studied in a ...

    Authors: Katharine O’Hearn, Dayre McNally, Karen Choong, Anand Acharya, Hector R. Wong, Margaret Lawson, Tim Ramsay, Lauralyn McIntyre, Elaine Gilfoyle, Marisa Tucci, David Wensley, Ronald Gottesman, Gavin Morrison and Kusum Menon
    Citation: Trials 2016 17:238
  4. Intensive Care Units (ICUs) provide life-supporting treatment; however, resources are limited, so demand may exceed supply in the event of pandemics, environmental disasters, or in the context of an aging popu...

    Authors: Robert A Fowler, Philip Abdelmalik, Gordon Wood, Denise Foster, Noel Gibney, Natalie Bandrauk, Alexis F Turgeon, François Lamontagne, Anand Kumar, Ryan Zarychanski, Rob Green, Sean M Bagshaw, Henry T Stelfox, Ryan Foster, Peter Dodek, Susan Shaw…
    Citation: Critical Care 2015 19:133