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  1. The Pomatiopsidae are reported from northern India into southern China and Southeast Asia, with two sub-families, the Pomatiopsinae (which include freshwater, amphibious, terrestrial and marine species) and th...

    Authors: Liang Liu, Guan-Nan Huo, Hong-Bin He, Benjiang Zhou and Stephen W Attwood
    Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014 14:29
  2. Calcium deficiency is a global public-health problem. Although the initial stage of calcium deficiency can lead to metabolic alterations or potential pathological changes, calcium deficiency is difficult to di...

    Authors: Maoqing Wang, Xue Yang, Fan Wang, Ran Li, Hua Ning, Lixin Na, Yifan Huang, Yue Song, Liyan Liu, Hongzhi Pan, Qiuju Zhang, Lijun Fan, Ying Li and Changhao Sun
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2013 11:86
  3. Zinc deficiency can change the concentrations of minerals and trace elements in the body. However, previous studies still had many limitations.

    Authors: Qingli Yu, Xiaohan Sun, Jiali Zhao, Lan Zhao, Yanfeng Chen, Lina Fan, Zixiang Li, Yongzhi Sun, Maoqing Wang and Fan Wang
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2019 16:73
  4. Insecticide resistance jeopardizes the control of mosquito populations and mosquito-borne disease control, which creates a major public health concern. Two-dimensional electrophoresis identified one protein se...

    Authors: Wenbin Tan, Xiao Wang, Peng Cheng, Lijuan Liu, Haifang Wang, Maoqing Gong, Xin Quan, Honggang Gao and Changliang Zhu
    Citation: Parasites & Vectors 2011 4:215
  5. We previously identified the urinary biomarkers to diagnose calcium deficiency and nutritional rickets by ultra-performance liquid chromatography/quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC/Q-TOF ...

    Authors: Fanyu Meng, Lina Fan, Lin Sun, Qingli Yu, Maoqing Wang and Changhao Sun
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2020 17:99
  6. The aims of the current study were to assess the nutritional status of 25OHD3 and retinol in a northern Chinese population using our established reliable method for the simultaneous determination of serum 25OH...

    Authors: Maoqing Wang, Hongyu Chen, Shanshan Du, Xinxin Guo, Jiali Zhao, Changhao Sun and Ying Li
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2018 4:12
  7. Future distribution of dengue risk is usually predicted based on predicted climate changes using general circulation models (GCMs). However, it is difficult to validate the GCM results and assess the uncertain...

    Authors: Hongmei Liu, Xiaodan Huang, Xiuxia Guo, Peng Cheng, Haifang Wang, Lijuan Liu, Chuanhui Zang, Chongxing Zhang, Xuejun Wang, Guofa Zhou and Maoqing Gong
    Citation: Infectious Diseases of Poverty 2023 12:26
  8. Lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] play important roles in the regulation of lipid metabolism. Although dyslipidemia is associated with insulin resistance (IR) and type 2 diabetes...

    Authors: Yifan Huang, Xiaoxia Li, Maoqing Wang, Hua Ning, Lima A, Ying Li and Changhao Sun
    Citation: Cardiovascular Diabetology 2013 12:17
  9. Mosquitoes are important vectors for a range of diseases, contributing to high rates of morbidity and mortality in the human population. Culex pipiens pallens is dominant species of Culex mosquito in northern Chi...

    Authors: Chuanhui Zang, Xuejun Wang, Peng Cheng, Lijuan Liu, Xiuxia Guo, Haifang Wang, Ziwei Lou, Jingjing Lei, Wenqian Wang, Yiting Wang, Maoqing Gong and Hongmei Liu
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2023 24:145
  10. Arterial calcification is associated with cardiovascular disease as a complication of advanced atherosclerosis and is a significant contributor to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Osteoblastic different...

    Authors: Shuangshuang Wang, Siwang Hu, Jian Wang, Yahui Liu, Ruochi Zhao, Maoqing Tong, Hanbin Cui, Nan Wu and Xiaomin Chen
    Citation: Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2018 9:160
  11. Culex pipiens pallens is the most abundant Culex mosquito species in northern China and is an important vector of bancroftian filariasis and, potentially, West Nile virus. Insecticides, particularly pyrethroids, ...

    Authors: Hongmei Liu, Lihua Xie, Peng Cheng, Jiabao Xu, Xiaodan Huang, Haifang Wang, Xiao Song, Lijuan Liu, Huaiwei Wang, Jingxuan Kou, Guiyun Yan, Xiao-Guang Chen and Maoqing Gong
    Citation: Parasites & Vectors 2019 12:167
  12. Dengue fever outbreaks tend to spread northward in China, and Jining is the northernmost region where local dengue fever cases have been detected. Therefore, it is important to investigate the density of Aedes al...

    Authors: Hongmei Liu, Luhong Liu, Peng Cheng, Linlin Yang, Junhu Chen, Yao Lu, Haifang Wang, Xiao-Guang Chen and Maoqing Gong
    Citation: Parasites & Vectors 2020 13:11
  13. Mosquito control based on chemical insecticides is considered as an important element in the current global strategies for the control of mosquito-borne diseases. Unfortunately, the development of pyrethroid r...

    Authors: Weijie Wang, Yuan Lv, Fujin Fang, Shanchao Hong, Qin Guo, Shengli Hu, Feifei Zou, Linna Shi, Zhentao Lei, Kai Ma, Dan Zhou, Donghui Zhang, Yan Sun, Lei Ma, Bo Shen and Changliang Zhu
    Citation: Parasites & Vectors 2015 8:95