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  1. Current guidelines for the treatment of anaplastic astrocytoma (AA) recommend maximal safe resection followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Despite this multimodal treatment approach, patients have a limit...

    Authors: Helena C. W. Wahner, Malte Träger, Katja Bender, Leonille Schweizer, Julia Onken, Carolin Senger, Felix Ehret, Volker Budach and David Kaul
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2020 15:282
  2. Despite aggressive management consisting of maximal safe surgical resection followed by external beam radiation therapy (60 Gy/30 fractions) with concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide, approximately 90% of WHO...

    Authors: Giuseppe Minniti, Maximilian Niyazi, Filippo Alongi, Piera Navarria and Claus Belka
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2021 16:36
  3. Targeted drugs have augmented the cancer treatment armamentarium. Based on the molecular specificity, it was initially believed that these drugs had significantly less side effects. However, currently it is ac...

    Authors: Maximilian Niyazi, Cornelius Maihoefer, Mechthild Krause, Claus Rödel, Wilfried Budach and Claus Belka
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2011 6:177
  4. We and the Editorial Board acknowledge and thank all reviewers for their active participation and contribution during 2013. We greatly appreciate their dedication and behind the scenes contribution. It is larg...

    Authors: Lucy Abel, Ahmed Bakillah and M Mahmood Hussain
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2014 11:7
  5. Re-irradiation has been shown to be a valid option with proven efficacy for recurrent high-grade glioma patients. Overall, up to now it is unclear which patients might be optimal candidates for a second course...

    Authors: Maximilian Niyazi, Maya Flieger, Ute Ganswindt, Stephanie E Combs and Claus Belka
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2014 9:128
  6. To identify dose-volume parameters predictive for severity of acute esophagitis (CTC > grade 2) in locally-advanced non small-cell lung cancer (LA-NSCLC) patients treated with neoadjuvant concurrent hyperfract...

    Authors: Farkhad Manapov, Susanna Sepe, Maximilian Niyazi, Claus Belka, Godehard Friedel and Wilfried Budach
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2013 8:122
  7. The aim of the present analysis was to evaluate the recurrence pattern in patients with recurrent malignant glioma after re-irradiation in combination with bevacizumab as there is limited data on how to optima...

    Authors: Maximilian Niyazi, Nathalie Lisa Jansen, Maya Rottler, Ute Ganswindt and Claus Belka
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2014 9:299
  8. In the present study factors affecting survival and toxicity in cerebral metastasized patients treated with stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) were analyzed with special focus on radiation necrosis.

    Authors: Lars Hendrik Schüttrumpf, Maximilian Niyazi, Silke Birgit Nachbichler, Farkhad Manapov, Nathalie Jansen, Axel Siefert and Claus Belka
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2014 9:105
  9. In order to define new prognostic subgroups in patients with glioblastoma a miRNA screen (> 1000 miRNAs) from paraffin tissues followed by a bio-mathematical analysis was performed.

    Authors: Maximilian Niyazi, Franz Zehentmayr, Olivier M Niemöller, Sabina Eigenbrod, Hans Kretzschmar, Klaus Schulze-Osthoff, Jörg-Christian Tonn, Mike Atkinson, Simone Mörtl and Claus Belka
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2011 6:153
  10. Osteoporosis is one of the most prevalent bone diseases which is preventable. Implementing educational programs is an important step in prevention of chronic diseases in the community setting. One of the theor...

    Authors: Ali Khani Jeihooni, Tayebeh Rakhshani, Zahra Khiyali, Mohammad Mehdi Ebrahimi and Pooyan Afzali Harsini
    Citation: BMC Women's Health 2022 22:366
  11. Radiation delivery for malignant brain tumors is gradually becoming more precise. Particularly the possibilities of sparing adjacent normal structures such as the hippocampus are increasing. To determine its r...

    Authors: Raphael Bodensohn, Matthias Söhn, Ute Ganswindt, Gabriele Schupp, Silke B Nachbichler, Oliver Schnell, Claus Belka and Maximilian Niyazi
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2014 9:276
  12. We describe and evaluate a deep network algorithm which automatically contours organs at risk in the thorax and pelvis on computed tomography (CT) images for radiation treatment planning.

    Authors: Sebastian Marschner, Manasi Datar, Aurélie Gaasch, Zhoubing Xu, Sasa Grbic, Guillaume Chabin, Bernhard Geiger, Julian Rosenman, Stefanie Corradini, Maximilian Niyazi, Tobias Heimann, Christian Möhler, Fernando Vega, Claus Belka and Christian Thieke
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2022 17:129

    The Correction to this article has been published in Radiation Oncology 2022 17:149

  13. Anopheles gambiae mates in flight at particular mating sites over specific landmarks known as swarm markers. The swarms are composed of males; females typically approach a swarm, and leave in copula. This mating ...

    Authors: Abdoulaye Diabaté, Alpha S Yaro, Adama Dao, Moussa Diallo, Diana L Huestis and Tovi Lehmann
    Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011 11:184
  14. Radiation therapy is an integral part of the multimodal primary therapy of glioblastomas. As the overall prognosis in this tumor entity remains unfavorable, current research is focused on additional drug thera...

    Authors: Laila König, Cornelia Jäkel, Nikolaus von Knebel Doeberitz, Meinhard Kieser, Fabian Eberle, Marc Münter, Jürgen Debus and Klaus Herfarth
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2021 16:240
  15. Postradiogenic wound healing disorders are an important clinical problem. While a variety of treatment modalities are available, there is no strategy to objectively judge treatment success. The aim of this stu...

    Authors: Steffen Auerswald, Stephan Schreml, Robert Meier, Alexandra Blancke Soares, Maximilian Niyazi, Sebastian Marschner, Claus Belka, Martin Canis and Frank Haubner
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2019 14:199
  16. In neurosurgery, the necessity of having a drainage tube is controversial. Subgaleal fluid collection (SFC) often occurs, especially in a craniotomy near the “parietal site”.

    Authors: Xin Li, Jing Li, Jianfei Sui, Tuerdialimu Niyazi, Naibijiang Yalikun and Shuo Wang
    Citation: Chinese Neurosurgical Journal 2020 6:34
  17. To evaluate PTV margins for hypofractionated IGRT of prostate comparing kV/kV imaging or CBCT.

    Authors: Christoph Oehler, Stephanie Lang, Peter Dimmerling, Christian Bolesch, Stephan Kloeck, Alessandra Tini, Christoph Glanzmann, Yousef Najafi, Gabriela Studer and Daniel R Zwahlen
    Citation: Radiation Oncology 2014 9:229
  18. Radial artery (RA) is widely used in coronary artery bypass (CABG) surgery and the prevention of spasm is crucial for graft patency. Botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) and B are commonly used for aesthetic reasons and ...

    Authors: Omer Tanyeli, Ipek Duman, Yuksel Dereli, Niyazi Gormus, Hatice Toy and Ayse Saide Sahin
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2019 14:15