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  1. The discovery of circulating nucleic acids in the 1940s opened up new possibilities for the non-invasive detection, monitoring and screening of various human disorders. Several tumour markers that enable early...

    Authors: Marketa Urbanova, Jan Plzak, Hynek Strnad and Jan Betka
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2010 15:4
  2. Due to their high proliferative requirements, tumorigenic cells possess altered metabolic systems whereby cells utilize higher quantities of glutamine and glucose. These altered metabolic requirements make it ...

    Authors: Michelle Helen Visagie, Thandi Vuyelwa Mqoco, Leon Liebenberg, Edward Henry Mathews, George Edward Mathews and Anna Margaretha Joubert
    Citation: Cell & Bioscience 2015 5:37
  3. The resilience to face disease is a process of positive adaptation despite the loss of health. It involves developing vitality and skills to overcome the negative effects of adversity, risks, and vulnerability...

    Authors: Filiberto Toledano-Toledano, José Moral de la Rubia, Laurie D. McCubbin, Linda Liebenberg, Jesús Alejandro Vera Jiménez, Leonor Rivera-Rivera, Angie Hart, Leticia Andrea Barajas Nava, Marcela Salazar García, Silvia Martínez Valverde, Sofía Rivera Aragón, Concepción Sánchez Gómez, Laura Villavicencio Guzmán, Victor Granados García and Juan Garduño Espinosa
    Citation: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2017 15:242
  4. Diet has a significant relationship with the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Traditionally the effect of diet on CHD was measured with the biomarker for low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. However...

    Authors: Marc J Mathews, Leon Liebenberg and Edward H Mathews
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2015 12:6
  5. It is well documented that there is some correlation between poor oral health in the form of periodontal disease and coronary heart disease (CHD). It is unclear whether this correlation is due to a causal rela...

    Authors: Marc J. Mathews, Edward H. Mathews and George E. Mathews
    Citation: BMC Oral Health 2016 16:122