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  1. In this issue, Keinan-Boker summarises the main studies that have followed up offspring of women exposed to famine during pregnancy and calls for the establishment of a national cohort of Holocaust survivors a...

    Authors: Caroline HD Fall and Kalyanaraman Kumaran
    Citation: Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2014 3:22
  2. Animal studies have shown that nutritional exposures during pregnancy can modify epigenetic marks regulating fetal development and susceptibility to later disease, providing a plausible mechanism to explain th...

    Authors: Giriraj R. Chandak, Matt J. Silver, Ayden Saffari, Karen A. Lillycrop, Smeeta Shrestha, Sirazul Ameen Sahariah, Chiara Di Gravio, Gail Goldberg, Ashutosh Singh Tomar, Modupeh Betts, Sara Sajjadi, Lena Acolatse, Philip James, Prachand Issarapu, Kalyanaraman Kumaran, Ramesh D. Potdar…
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2017 3:81
  3. We know little about when and why general practitioners (GPs) submit stool specimens in patients with diarrhoea. The recent UK-wide intestinal infectious disease (IID2) study found ten GP consultations for eve...

    Authors: Cliodna AM McNulty, Gemma Lasseter, Katie Newby, Puja Joshi, Harry Yoxall, Kalyanaraman Kumaran, Sarah J O’Brien and Mark Evans
    Citation: BMC Family Practice 2012 13:77
  4. The prevalence of cardiometabolic disease (CMD) is rising globally, with environmentally induced epigenetic changes suggested to play a role. Few studies have investigated epigenetic associations with CMD risk...

    Authors: Elie Antoun, Prachand Issarapu, Chiara di Gravio, Smeeta Shrestha, Modupeh Betts, Ayden Saffari, Sirazul A. Sahariah, Alagu Sankareswaran, Manisha Arumalla, Andrew M. Prentice, Caroline H. D. Fall, Matt J. Silver, Giriraj R. Chandak and Karen A. Lillycrop
    Citation: Clinical Epigenetics 2022 14:6
  5. The Pune Maternal Nutrition Study (PMNS) was established to prospectively study the relationship of maternal nutrition to fetal growth and later cardiometabolic risk in the offspring. High homocysteine and low...

    Authors: Kalyanaraman Kumaran, Pallavi Yajnik, Himangi Lubree, Charudatta Joglekar, Dattatray Bhat, Prachi Katre, Suyog Joshi, Rasika Ladkat, Caroline Fall and Chittaranjan Yajnik
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2017 3:41