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  1. Tumor expression of estrogen receptor (ER) is an important marker of prognosis, and is predictive of response to endocrine therapy in breast cancer. Several studies have observed that epigenetic events, such m...

    Authors: Joaquina Martínez-Galán, Blanca Torres-Torres, María Isabel Núñez, Jesús López-Peñalver, Rosario Del Moral, José Mariano Ruiz De Almodóvar, Salomón Menjón, Ángel Concha, Clara Chamorro, Sandra Ríos and Juan Ramón Delgado
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2014 14:59
  2. Radiotherapy outcomes might be further improved by a greater understanding of the individual variations in normal tissue reactions that determine tolerance. Most published studies on radiation toxicity have be...

    Authors: Escarlata López, Rosario Guerrero, Maria Isabel Núñez, Rosario del Moral, Mercedes Villalobos, Joaquina Martínez-Galán, Maria Teresa Valenzuela, José Antonio Muñoz-Gámez, Francisco Javier Oliver, David Martín-Oliva and José Mariano Ruiz de Almodóvar
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2005 7:R690
  3. Numerous hypermethylated genes have been reported in breast cancer, and the silencing of these genes plays an important role in carcinogenesis, tumor progression and diagnosis. These hypermethylated promoters ...

    Authors: Mercedes Zurita, Pedro C Lara, Rosario del Moral, Blanca Torres, José Luis Linares-Fernández, Sandra Ríos Arrabal, Joaquina Martínez-Galán, Francisco Javier Oliver and José Mariano Ruiz de Almodóvar
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2010 10:217