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  1. During malignant neoplastic progression the cells undergo genetic and epigenetic cancer-specific alterations that finally lead to a loss of tissue homeostasis and restructuring of the microenvironment. The inv...

    Authors: Jan Brábek, Claudia T Mierke, Daniel Rösel, Pavel Veselý and Ben Fabry
    Citation: Cell Communication and Signaling 2010 8:22
  2. Invasive cell growth and migration is usually considered a specifically metazoan phenomenon. However, common features and mechanisms of cytoskeletal rearrangements, membrane trafficking and signalling processe...

    Authors: Katarína Vaškovičová, Viktor Žárský, Daniel Rösel, Margaret Nikolič, Roberto Buccione, Fatima Cvrčková and Jan Brábek
    Citation: Biology Direct 2013 8:8
  3. Although there is extensive evidence for the amoeboid invasiveness of cancer cells in vitro, much less is known about the role of amoeboid invasiveness in metastasis and the importance of Rho/ROCK/MLC signalin...

    Authors: Jan Kosla, Daniela Paňková, Jiří Plachý, Ondřej Tolde, Kristýna Bicanová, Michal Dvořák, Daniel Rösel and Jan Brábek
    Citation: Cell Communication and Signaling 2013 11:51
  4. The local invasion of tumor cells into the surrounding tissue is the first and most critical step of the metastatic cascade. Cells can invade either collectively, or individually. Individual cancer cell invasi...

    Authors: Katarína Vaškovičová, Emilia Szabadosová, Vladimír Čermák, Aneta Gandalovičová, Lenka Kasalová, Daniel Rösel and Jan Brábek
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2015 15:326