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  1. Authors: Casey Ager, Matthew Reilley, Courtney Nicholas, Todd Bartkowiak, Ashvin Jaiswal, Michael Curran, Tina C. Albershardt, Anshika Bajaj, Jacob F. Archer, Rebecca S. Reeves, Lisa Y. Ngo, Peter Berglund, Jan ter Meulen, Caroline Denis, Hormas Ghadially, Thomas Arnoux…
    Citation: Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2016 4(Suppl 1):73

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 4 Supplement 1

  2. Cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesions are sites of dramatic actin rearrangements and where actin-membrane connections are tightly regulated. Zyxin-VASP complexes localize to sites of cell-cell and cell-substr...

    Authors: Jacob Grange, James D. Moody, Marc P. A. Ascione and Marc D. H. Hansen
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2012 18:35
  3. Canine intrarenal cystic lesions (ICLs) are infrequently reported in the veterinary literature. Several treatment options have been described including cyst fenestration (partial nephrectomy/deroofing) +/− ome...

    Authors: Michail Vagias, Guillaume Chanoit, Loretta J. Bubenik-Angapen, Erin A. Gibson, Hilde de Rooster, Ameet Singh, Valery F. Scharf, Janet A. Grimes, Mandy L. Wallace, Anne Kummeling, James A. Flanders, Georgios Evangelou and Ronan A. Mullins
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2022 18:233
  4. The high level of conservation of genes that regulate DNA replication and repair indicates that they may serve as a source of information on the origin and evolution of the species and makes them a reliable sy...

    Authors: Damian Gruszka, Marek Marzec and Iwona Szarejko
    Citation: BMC Plant Biology 2012 12:88
  5. Approximately 1 in 10 patients with a surgically treated open fracture will develop a surgical site infection. The Aqueous-PREP trial will investigate the effect of 10% povidone-iodine versus 4% chlorhexidine ...

    Authors: Nathan N. O’Hara, Diane Heels-Ansdell, Sofia Bzovsky, Shannon Dodds, Lehana Thabane, Mohit Bhandari, Gordon Guyatt, P. J. Devereaux, Gerard P. Slobogean and Sheila Sprague
    Citation: Trials 2022 23:772
  6. Justice-involved young adults (JIYA) aged 18–24 are at significant risk for HIV and problematic substance use (SU) but are unlikely to know their HIV status or be linked to HIV or SU treatment and care. Intens...

    Authors: Katherine S. Elkington, Megan A. O’Grady, Susan Tross, Patrick Wilson, Jillian Watkins, Lenore Lebron, Renee Cohall and Alwyn Cohall
    Citation: Health & Justice 2020 8:20
  7. Farming is a high risk occupation that predisposes workers to injury, but may also lead to barriers in reaching trauma care. Little is known about emergency and trauma care for patients with farm-related injur...

    Authors: Amanda Swanton, Corinne Peek-Asa and James Torner
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:33
  8. Urologic chronic pelvic pain syndrome (UCPPS) may be defined to include interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) and chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). The hallmark symptom...

    Authors: J Quentin Clemens, Chris Mullins, John W Kusek, Ziya Kirkali, Emeran A Mayer, Larissa V Rodríguez, David J Klumpp, Anthony J Schaeffer, Karl J Kreder, Dedra Buchwald, Gerald L Andriole, M Scott Lucia, J Richard Landis and Daniel J Clauw
    Citation: BMC Urology 2014 14:57
  9. Understanding the mechanisms by which some individuals are able to naturally control HIV-1 infection is an important goal of AIDS research. We here describe the case of an HIV-1+ woman, CASE1, who has spontaneous...

    Authors: Marco Moroni, Silvia Ghezzi, Paolo Baroli, Silvia Heltai, Davide De Battista, Simone Pensieroso, Mariangela Cavarelli, Stefania Dispinseri, Irene Vanni, Claudia Pastori, Pietro Zerbi, Antonella Tosoni, Elisa Vicenzi, Manuela Nebuloni, Kim Wong, Hong Zhao…
    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2014 12:335
  10. Data on the subtypes of HIV in a population help in predicting the potential foci of epidemic, tracking the routes of infection and following the patterns of the virus' genetic divergence. Globally, the most p...

    Authors: Saeed Khan, Mohammad A Rai, Mohammad R Khanani, Muhammad N Khan and Syed H Ali
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2006 6:164
  11. Port Stephens, on the central New South Wales coast, provides ideal oceanographic and benthic conditions for the settlement and growth of larvae of tropical species delivered from the north by the East Austral...

    Authors: Matt J. Nimbs, Meryl Larkin, Tom R. Davis, David Harasti, Richard C. Willan and Stephen D. A. Smith
    Citation: Marine Biodiversity Records 2016 9:27
  12. The editors of Journal of Neuroinflammation would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 12 (2015).

    Authors: Sue T Griffin and Robert E Mrak
    Citation: Journal of Neuroinflammation 2016 13:58