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  1. Rapid antiretroviral therapy (ART), ideally initiated within twenty-four hours of diagnosis, may be crucial in efforts to increase virologic suppression and reduce HIV transmission. Recent studies, including d...

    Authors: Courtney E. Sims Gomillia, Kandis V. Backus, James B. Brock, Sandra C. Melvin, Jason J. Parham and Leandro A. Mena
    Citation: AIDS Research and Therapy 2020 17:60
  2. African Americans experience disproportionately higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes and related risk factors. Little research has been done on the association of ADIPOQ gene on type 2 diabetes, plasma adiponecti...

    Authors: Sharon K. Davis, Ruihua Xu, Samson Y. Gebreab, Pia Riestra, Amadou Gaye, Rumana J. Khan, James G. Wilson and Aurelian Bidulescu
    Citation: BMC Genetics 2015 16:147
  3. O1 The metabolomics approach to autism: identification of biomarkers for early detection of autism spectrum disorder

    Authors: A. K. Srivastava, Y. Wang, R. Huang, C. Skinner, T. Thompson, L. Pollard, T. Wood, F. Luo, R. Stevenson, R. Polimanti, J. Gelernter, X. Lin, I. Y. Lim, Y. Wu, A. L. Teh, L. Chen…
    Citation: Human Genomics 2016 10(Suppl 1):12

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 10 Supplement 1

  4. Authors: Casey Ager, Matthew Reilley, Courtney Nicholas, Todd Bartkowiak, Ashvin Jaiswal, Michael Curran, Tina C. Albershardt, Anshika Bajaj, Jacob F. Archer, Rebecca S. Reeves, Lisa Y. Ngo, Peter Berglund, Jan ter Meulen, Caroline Denis, Hormas Ghadially, Thomas Arnoux…
    Citation: Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2016 4(Suppl 1):73

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 4 Supplement 1

  5. Despite the problem of inadequate recruitment to randomised trials, there is little evidence to guide researchers on decisions about how people are effectively recruited to take part in trials. The PRioRiTy st...

    Authors: Patricia Healy, Sandra Galvin, Paula R. Williamson, Shaun Treweek, Caroline Whiting, Beccy Maeso, Christopher Bray, Peter Brocklehurst, Mary Clarke Moloney, Abdel Douiri, Carrol Gamble, Heidi R. Gardner, Derick Mitchell, Derek Stewart, Joan Jordan, Martin O’Donnell…
    Citation: Trials 2018 19:147

    The Commentary to this article has been published in Trials 2018 19:584