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  1. The editors of Clinical Epigenetics would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 7 (2015).

    Authors: Ulrich Mahlknecht
    Citation: Clinical Epigenetics 2016 8:18
  2. Isoprene is the most abundantly produced biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) on Earth, with annual global emissions almost equal to those of methane. Despite its importance in atmospheric chemistry and c...

    Authors: Ornella Carrión, Lisa Gibson, Dafydd M. O. Elias, Niall P. McNamara, Theo A. van Alen, Huub J. M. Op den Camp, Christina Vimala Supramaniam, Terry J. McGenity and J. Colin Murrell
    Citation: Microbiome 2020 8:81
  3. Natural gas contains methane and the gaseous alkanes ethane, propane and butane, which collectively influence atmospheric chemistry and cause global warming. Methane-oxidising bacteria, methanotrophs, are cruc...

    Authors: Muhammad Farhan Ul Haque, Andrew T. Crombie, Scott A. Ensminger, Calin Baciu and J. Colin Murrell
    Citation: Microbiome 2018 6:118
  4. Ubiquitous and diverse marine microorganisms utilise the abundant organosulfur molecule dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP), the main precursor of the climate-active gas dimethylsulfide (DMS), as a source of car...

    Authors: Jingli Liu, Chun-Xu Xue, Jinyan Wang, Andrew T. Crombie, Ornella Carrión, Andrew W. B. Johnston, J. Colin Murrell, Ji Liu, Yanfen Zheng, Xiao-Hua Zhang and Jonathan D. Todd
    Citation: Microbiome 2022 10:110
  5. Conventional methods of agricultural pest control and crop fertilisation are unsustainable. To meet growing demand, we must find ecologically responsible means to control disease and promote crop yields. The r...

    Authors: Samuel MM. Prudence, Jake T. Newitt†, Sarah F. Worsley, Michael C. Macey, J. Colin Murrell, Laura E. Lehtovirta-Morley and Matthew I. Hutchings
    Citation: Environmental Microbiome 2021 16:12
  6. Isoprene accounts for about half of total biogenic volatile organic compound emissions globally, and as a climate active gas it plays a significant and varied role in atmospheric chemistry. Terrestrial plants ...

    Authors: Lisa Gibson, Andrew T. Crombie, Niall P. McNamara and J. Colin Murrell
    Citation: Environmental Microbiome 2021 16:17
  7. Approximately 500 Tg of isoprene are emitted to the atmosphere annually, an amount similar to that of methane, and despite its significant effects on the climate, very little is known about the biological degr...

    Authors: Ornella Carrión, Nasmille L. Larke-Mejía, Lisa Gibson, Muhammad Farhan Ul Haque, Javier Ramiro-García, Terry J. McGenity and J. Colin Murrell
    Citation: Microbiome 2018 6:219
  8. The cuticular microbiomes of Acromyrmex leaf-cutting ants pose a conundrum in microbiome biology because they are freely colonisable, and yet the prevalence of the vertically transmitted bacteria Pseudonocardia, ...

    Authors: Sarah F. Worsley, Tabitha M. Innocent, Neil A. Holmes, Mahmoud M. Al-Bassam, Morten Schiøtt, Barrie Wilkinson, J. Colin Murrell, Jacobus J. Boomsma, Douglas W. Yu and Matthew I. Hutchings
    Citation: BMC Biology 2021 19:205
  9. The discovery of cytosine hydroxymethylation (5hmC) as a mechanism that potentially controls DNA methylation changes typical of neoplasia prompted us to investigate its behaviour in colon cancer. 5hmC is globa...

    Authors: Santiago Uribe-Lewis, Rory Stark, Thomas Carroll, Mark J Dunning, Martin Bachman, Yoko Ito, Lovorka Stojic, Silvia Halim, Sarah L Vowler, Andy G Lynch, Benjamin Delatte, Eric J de Bony, Laurence Colin, Matthieu Defrance, Felix Krueger, Ana-Luisa Silva…
    Citation: Genome Biology 2015 16:69
  10. Movile Cave (Mangalia, Romania) is a unique ecosystem where the food web is sustained by microbial primary production, analogous to deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Specifically, chemoautotrophic microbes deriving...

    Authors: Deepak Kumaresan, Jason Stephenson, Andrew C. Doxey, Hina Bandukwala, Elliot Brooks, Alexandra Hillebrand-Voiculescu, Andrew S. Whiteley and J Colin Murrell
    Citation: Microbiome 2018 6:1
  11. Here we present the genome of Methylovulum psychrotolerans strain HV10-M2, a methanotroph isolated from Hardangervidda national park (Norway). This strain represents the second of the two validly published specie...

    Authors: Alejandro Mateos-Rivera, Tajul Islam, Ian P. G. Marshall, Lars Schreiber and Lise Øvreås
    Citation: Standards in Genomic Sciences 2018 13:10