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  1. End-Cretaceous niche-filling by benthic Mesozoic survivors resulted in a prominent increase of durophagous fish families, resulting in the appearance of the earliest representatives of several extant fish line...

    Authors: Giuseppe Marramà, Giorgio Carnevale, Gavin J. P. Naylor and Jürgen Kriwet
    Citation: Zoological Letters 2019 5:13
  2. The onset of morphological differences between related groups can be tracked at early stages during embryological development. This is expressed in functional traits that start with minor variations, but event...

    Authors: Faviel A. López-Romero, Fidji Berio, Daniel Abed-Navandi and Jürgen Kriwet
    Citation: Frontiers in Zoology 2022 19:7
  3. Chondrichthyans represent a monophyletic group of crown group gnathostomes and are central to our understanding of vertebrate evolution. Like all vertebrates, cartilaginous fishes evolved concretions of materi...

    Authors: Lisa Schnetz, Cathrin Pfaff, Eugen Libowitzky, Zerina Johanson, Rica Stepanek and Jürgen Kriwet
    Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2019 19:238
  4. Living anguilliform eels represent a distinct clade of elongated teleostean fishes inhabiting a wide range of habitats. Locomotion of these fishes is highly influenced by the elongated body shape, the anatomy ...

    Authors: Cathrin Pfaff, Roberto Zorzin and Jürgen Kriwet
    Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2016 16:159