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  1. Recent advances in genomics of viruses and cellular life forms have greatly stimulated interest in the origins and evolution of viruses and, for the first time, offer an opportunity for a data-driven explorati...

    Authors: Eugene V Koonin, Tatiana G Senkevich and Valerian V Dolja
    Citation: Biology Direct 2006 1:29
  2. Phylogenetic methods are philosophically grounded, and so can be philosophically biased in ways that limit explanatory power. This constitutes an important methodologic dimension not often taken into account. ...

    Authors: James Bucknam, Yan Boucher and Eric Bapteste
    Citation: Biology Direct 2006 1:26
  3. Tubulins are a family of GTPases that are key components of the cytoskeleton in all eukaryotes and are distantly related to the FtsZ GTPase that is involved in cell division in most bacteria and many archaea. ...

    Authors: Natalya Yutin and Eugene V Koonin
    Citation: Biology Direct 2012 7:10
  4. Phylogenetic reconstruction using DNA and protein sequences has allowed the reconstruction of evolutionary histories encompassing all life. We present and discuss a means to incorporate much of this rich narra...

    Authors: David Williams, Gregory P Fournier, Pascal Lapierre, Kristen S Swithers, Anna G Green, Cheryl P Andam and J Peter Gogarten
    Citation: Biology Direct 2011 6:45
  5. Significant efforts have been made to address the problem of identifying short genes in prokaryotic genomes. However, most known methods are not effective in detecting short genes. Because of the limited infor...

    Authors: Sun Chen, Chun-ying Zhang and Kai Song
    Citation: Biology Direct 2013 8:23
  6. The F- and V-type ATPases are rotary molecular machines that couple translocation of protons or sodium ions across the membrane to the synthesis or hydrolysis of ATP. Both the F-type (found in most bacteria an...

    Authors: Armen Y Mulkidjanian, Michael Y Galperin, Kira S Makarova, Yuri I Wolf and Eugene V Koonin
    Citation: Biology Direct 2008 3:13
  7. Chromosomal orthologs can reveal the shared ancestral gene set and their evolutionary trends. Additionally, physico-chemical properties of encoded proteins could provide information about functional adaptation...

    Authors: Humberto Peralta, Gabriela Guerrero, Alejandro Aguilar and Jaime Mora
    Citation: Biology Direct 2011 6:48
  8. It is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile the observed extent of horizontal gene transfers with the central metaphor of a great tree uniting all evolving entities on the planet. In this manuscript we ...

    Authors: James O McInerney, Davide Pisani, Eric Bapteste and Mary J O'Connell
    Citation: Biology Direct 2011 6:41
  9. CRISPR (Clustered, Regularly, Interspaced, Short, Palindromic Repeats) loci provide prokaryotes with an adaptive immunity against viruses and other mobile genetic elements. CRISPR arrays can be transcribed and...

    Authors: Avital Brodt, Mor N Lurie-Weinberger and Uri Gophna
    Citation: Biology Direct 2011 6:65
  10. Improving knowledge of biodiversity will benefit conservation biology, enhance bioremediation studies, and could lead to new medical treatments. However there is no standard approach to estimate and to compare...

    Authors: Lucie Bittner, Sébastien Halary, Claude Payri, Corinne Cruaud, Bruno de Reviers, Philippe Lopez and Eric Bapteste
    Citation: Biology Direct 2010 5:47
  11. A recent study argued, based on data on functional genome size of major phyla, that there is evidence life may have originated significantly prior to the formation of the Earth.

    Authors: Caren Marzban, Raju Viswanathan and Ulvi Yurtsever
    Citation: Biology Direct 2014 9:1
  12. High-level debates in evolutionary biology often treat the Modern Synthesis as a framework of population genetics, or as an intellectual lineage with a changing distribution of beliefs. Unfortunately, these fl...

    Authors: Arlin Stoltzfus
    Citation: Biology Direct 2017 12:23