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  1. Lobar torsion after lung resection is a quite rare complication. A 50-year-old woman presented typical features on chest radiographs and CT(computed tomography) scan of lobar torsion after a right upper lobect...

    Authors: Chih-Hao Chen, Tzu-Ti Hung, Tung-Ying Chen and Hung-Chang Liu
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2009 4:16
  2. Thoracoscopic surgery is a commonly used endoscopic surgical treatment approach in patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax. The conventional thoracoscopic approach utilizes three or more small wounds fo...

    Authors: Chih-Hao Chen, Shih-Yi Lee, Ho Chang, Hung-Chang Liu, Tzu-Ti Hung and Chao-Hung Chen
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:99
  3. Thoracoscopic Surgery is in common use in routine surgical practice. With the advancement of the various techniques and instruments required, mini wounds and fewer thoracoports become practical in recent years...

    Authors: Chih-Hao Chen, Shih-Yi Lee, Ho Chang, Hung-Chang Liu, Chao-Hung Chen and Wen-Chien Huang
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:50
  4. Cancer is one of the major health issues worldwide. An increasing number of cancer patients are offered treatment with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the m...

    Authors: Lun-Chien Lo, Chia-Yun Chen, Shou-Tung Chen, Hung-Chang Chen, Tsung-Chieh Lee and Cheng-Shyong Chang
    Citation: Trials 2012 13:232
  5. In this study, we studied the therapeutic effectiveness of percutaneous drainage with antibiotics and the need for an interval appendectomy for treating appendiceal abscess in children with a research-oriented...

    Authors: Chih-Cheng Luo, Kuang-Fu Cheng, Chen-Sheng Huang, Hung-Chieh Lo, Sheng-Mao Wu, Hung-Chang Huang, Wen-Kuei Chien and Ray-Jade Chen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2016 16:72
  6. Thoracoscopic surgery is a popular widely used surgical technique in the treatment of common chest conditions. Conventional thoracoscopic surgery utilizes multiple small wounds for carrying out the procedure. ...

    Authors: Hsin-Hung Wu, Chih-Hao Chen, Ho Chang, Hung-Chang Liu, Tzu-Ti Hung and Shih-Yi Lee
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2013 8:224
  7. Gastrointestinal injury following blunt abdominal trauma is uncommon; a combined stomach and duodenal perforating injury is even more rare. Because these two organs are located in different spaces in the abdom...

    Authors: Chun-Chi Lai, Hung-Chang Huang and Ray-Jade Chen
    Citation: BMC Surgery 2020 20:217
  8. Complete resection seemed to be curative in patients with Castleman disease of any location but the disease is likely to be reactive in its pathogenesis. The relation between Epstein-Barr virus and Castleman d...

    Authors: Chih-Hao Chen, Hung-Chang Liu, Tzu-Ti Hung and Tsang-Pai Liu
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2009 4:31
  9. Laparoscopic colectomy is rarely performed for ischemic colitis. The aim of this propensity score-matched study was to compare preoperative characteristics, intraoperative details and short-term outcomes for e...

    Authors: Yi-Chang Chen, Yuan-Yao Tsai, Sheng-Chi Chang, Hung-Chang Chen, Tao-Wei Ke, Abe Fingerhut and William Tzu-Liang Chen
    Citation: World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2022 17:53
  10. Patient education is crucial in improving the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of patients. At the same, understanding the concerns and needs of patients is essential in providing appropriate education. ...

    Authors: Ming-Chuan Chen, Hung-Chang Hung, Hsiu-Ju Chang, Sheng-Shun Yang, Wen-Chen Tsai and Shu-Chuan Chang
    Citation: BMC Health Services Research 2017 17:148
  11. The clinical course for hematologic malignancy varies widely and no prognostic tool is available for patients with a hematologic malignancy under palliative care. To assess the application of the Palliative Pr...

    Authors: Wen-Chi Chou, Chen-Yi Kao, Po-Nan Wang, Hung Chang, Hung-Ming Wang, Pei-Hung Chang, Kun-Yun Yeh and Yu-Shin Hung
    Citation: BMC Palliative Care 2015 14:18
  12. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is an important process in tumor metastasis. The EMT-related events associated with metastasis of NPC in the absence of EBV have not been elucidated. We established an E...

    Authors: Jung-Chung Lin, Shuen-Kuei Liao, En-Huei Lee, Man-Shan Hung, Yiyang Sayion, Hung-Chang Chen, Chen-Chen Kang, Liang-Sheng Huang and Jaw-Ming Cherng
    Citation: Journal of Biomedical Science 2009 16:105
  13. Clinical characteristics and outcomes of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) among adult patients with various hematological malignancies are limited.

    Authors: Chien-Yuan Chen, Chan-Hwei Tai, Aristine Cheng, Hung-Chang Wu, Woei Tsay, Jia-Hau Liu, Pey-Ying Chen, Shang-Yi Huang, Ming Yao, Jih-Luh Tang and Hwei-Fang Tien
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2012 10:97