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  1. Chromosomal orthologs can reveal the shared ancestral gene set and their evolutionary trends. Additionally, physico-chemical properties of encoded proteins could provide information about functional adaptation...

    Authors: Humberto Peralta, Gabriela Guerrero, Alejandro Aguilar and Jaime Mora
    Citation: Biology Direct 2011 6:48
  2. The editors of Virology Journal would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 9 (2012). The success of any scientific journal depends on an effective and strict peer review p...

    Authors: Linfa Wang
    Citation: Virology Journal 2013 10:44
  3. Comparative genomics has provided valuable insights into the nature of gene sequence variation and chromosomal organization of closely related bacterial species. However, questions about the biological signifi...

    Authors: Gabriela Guerrero, Humberto Peralta, Alejandro Aguilar, Rafael Díaz, Miguel Angel Villalobos, Arturo Medrano-Soto and Jaime Mora
    Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2005 5:55
  4. The sequenced genomes of the Brucella spp. have two urease operons, ure-1 and ure-2, but there is evidence that only one is responsible for encoding an active urease. The present work describes the purification a...

    Authors: Araceli Contreras-Rodriguez, Jose Quiroz-Limon, Ana M Martins, Humberto Peralta, Eric Avila-Calderon, Nammalwar Sriranganathan, Stephen M Boyle and Ahide Lopez-Merino
    Citation: BMC Microbiology 2008 8:121
  5. Rhizobia are soil bacteria that establish symbiotic relationships with legumes and fix nitrogen in root nodules. We recently reported that several nitrogen-fixing rhizobial strains, belonging to Rhizobium phaseol...

    Authors: Humberto Peralta, Alejandro Aguilar, Rafael Díaz, Yolanda Mora, Gabriel Martínez-Batallar, Emmanuel Salazar, Carmen Vargas-Lagunas, Esperanza Martínez, Sergio Encarnación, Lourdes Girard and Jaime Mora
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2016 17:711
  6. Rhizobia are alpha-proteobacteria commonly found in soil and root nodules of legumes. It was recently reported that nitrogen-fixing rhizobia also inhabit legume seeds. In this study, we examined whole-genome s...

    Authors: Alejandro Aguilar, Yolanda Mora, Araceli Dávalos, Lourdes Girard, Jaime Mora and Humberto Peralta
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2018 19:645
  7. Rhizobium grahamii belongs to a new phylogenetic group of rhizobia together with Rhizobium mesoamericanum and other species. R. grahamii has a broad-host-range that includes Leucaena leucocephala and Phaseolus v...

    Authors: María Julia Althabegoiti, Ernesto Ormeño-Orrillo, Luis Lozano, Gonzalo Torres Tejerizo, Marco Antonio Rogel, Jaime Mora and Esperanza Martínez-Romero
    Citation: BMC Microbiology 2014 14:6