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  1. Propolis (bee glue) has been used as a remedy since ancient times. Propolis from unexplored regions attracts the attention of scientists in the search for new bioactive molecules.

    Authors: Boryana Trusheva, Ivelin Todorov, Mariana Ninova, Hristo Najdenski, Ali Daneshmand and Vassya Bankova
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2010 4:8
  2. Propolis (bee glue) is a resinous honeybee product having a long history of application in many countries as a traditional remedy for treating wounds, burns, soar throat, stomach disorders, etc. It has been pr...

    Authors: Milena Popova, Rosa Dimitrova, Hassan Talib Al-Lawati, Iva Tsvetkova, Hristo Najdenski and Vassya Bankova
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2013 7:158
  3. Natural deep eutectic solvents (NADES) are a new alternative to toxic organic solvents. Their constituents are primary metabolites, non-toxic, biocompatible and sustainable. In this study four selected NADES w...

    Authors: Tsvetinka Grozdanova, Boryana Trusheva, Kalina Alipieva, Milena Popova, Lyudmila Dimitrova, Hristo Najdenski, Maya M. Zaharieva, Yana Ilieva, Bela Vasileva, George Miloshev, Milena Georgieva and Vassya Bankova
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:73
  4. This study aimed to characterize recent Mycobacterium bovis/M. caprae isolates from Bulgaria by whole-genome sequencing (WGS) to gain a first insight into their molecular diversity, transmission, and position wit...

    Authors: Violeta Valcheva, Claudia Perea, Tanya Savova-Lalkovska, Albena Dimitrova, Lukasz Radulski, Igor Mokrousov, Krustyu Marinov, Hristo Najdenski and Magdalena Bonovska
    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2022 18:148
  5. Many Geum species are known to be rich in biologically active compounds and therefore could be a source of new natural products with pharmacological potential. The medicinal plant Geum urbanum L. is widespread in...

    Authors: Lyudmila Dimitrova, Maya M. Zaharieva, Milena Popova, Nedelina Kostadinova, Iva Tsvetkova, Vassya Bankova and Hristo Najdenski
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2017 11:113