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  1. H. sapiens-M. tuberculosis H37Rv protein-protein interaction (PPI) data are essential for understanding the infection mechanism of the formidable pathogen M. tuberculosis H37Rv. Computational prediction is an imp...

    Authors: Hufeng Zhou, Shangzhi Gao, Nam Ninh Nguyen, Mengyuan Fan, Jingjing Jin, Bing Liu, Liang Zhao, Geng Xiong, Min Tan, Shijun Li and Limsoon Wong
    Citation: Biology Direct 2014 9:5
  2. Genetic variation for environmental sensitivity indicates that animals are genetically different in their response to environmental factors. Environmental factors are either identifiable (e.g. temperature) and...

    Authors: Han A Mulder, Lars Rönnegård, W Freddy Fikse, Roel F Veerkamp and Erling Strandberg
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2013 45:23
  3. When rainbow trout from a single breeding program are introduced into various production environments, genotype-by-environment (GxE) interaction may occur. Although growth and its uniformity are two of the mos...

    Authors: Panya Sae-Lim, Antti Kause, Matti Janhunen, Harri Vehviläinen, Heikki Koskinen, Bjarne Gjerde, Marie Lillehammer and Han A Mulder
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2015 47:46
  4. Uniformity of eggs is an important aspect for retailers because consumers prefer homogeneous products. One of these characteristics is the color of the eggshell, especially for brown eggs. Existence of a genet...

    Authors: Han A. Mulder, Jeroen Visscher and Julien Fablet
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2016 48:39
  5. In farmed Atlantic salmon, heritability for uniformity of body weight is low, indicating that the accuracy of estimated breeding values (EBV) may be low. The use of genomic information could be one way to incr...

    Authors: Panya Sae-Lim, Antti Kause, Marie Lillehammer and Han A. Mulder
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2017 49:33
  6. Cardiac MRI and CT are increasingly used in the diagnosis and management of patients with congenital heart disease as an imaging adjunct to echocardiography. The benefits and limitations of both modalities are...

    Authors: Kuberan Pushparajah, Phuoc Duong, Sujeev Mathur and Sonya V. Babu-Narayan
    Citation: Echo Research & Practice 2019 6:6040011
  7. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and hepatoblastoma (HB) are malignancies of the liver with different etiologies, but the HB cell line HepG2 has been frequently used in various studies of HCC. In this study, we ...

    Authors: Ronald T. K. Pang, Terence C. W. Poon, Nathalie Wong, Paul B. S. Lai, Navy L. Y. Wong, Charles M. L. Chan, Jasmine W. S. Yu, Anthony T. C. Chan and Joseph J. Y. Sung
    Citation: Clinical Proteomics 2004 1:13104313
  8. NDP reductase activity can be inhibited either by treatment with hydroxyurea or by incubation of an nrdA ts mutant strain at the non-permissive temperature. Both methods inhibit replicatio...

    Authors: José Riola, Estrella Guarino, Elena C. Guzmán and Alfonso Jiménez-Sánchez
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2006 12:60
  9. In livestock populations, missing genotypes on a large proportion of animals are a major problem to implement the estimation of marker-assisted breeding values using haplotypes. The objective of this article i...

    Authors: Han A Mulder, Mario PL Calus and Roel F Veerkamp
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2010 42:10
  10. Population differentiation is the result of demographic and evolutionary forces. Whole genome datasets from the 1000 Genomes Project (October 2012) provide an unbiased view of genetic variation across populati...

    Authors: Ananyo Choudhury, Scott Hazelhurst, Ayton Meintjes, Ovokeraye Achinike-Oduaran, Shaun Aron, Junaid Gamieldien, Mahjoubeh Jalali Sefid Dashti, Nicola Mulder, Nicki Tiffin and Michèle Ramsay
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2014 15:437