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  1. Few data are available about malaria epidemiological situation in Niger. However, implementation of new strategies such as vaccination or seasonal treatment of a target population requires the knowledge of bas...

    Authors: Julia Guillebaud, Aboubacar Mahamadou, Halima Zamanka, Mariama Katzelma, Ibrahim Arzika, Maman L Ibrahim, Elfatih Ab Eltahir, Rabiou Labbo, Pierre Druilhe, Jean-Bernard Duchemin and Thierry Fandeur
    Citation: Malaria Journal 2013 12:379
  2. The health authorities of Niger have implemented several malaria prevention and control programmes in recent years. These interventions broadly follow WHO guidelines and international recommendations and are b...

    Authors: Maimouna Halidou Doudou, Aboubacar Mahamadou, Ibrahim Ouba, Ramatoulaye Lazoumar, Binta Boubacar, Ibrahim Arzika, Halima Zamanka, Maman L Ibrahim, Rabiou Labbo, Seydou Maiguizo, Florian Girond, Julia Guillebaud, Abani Maazou and Thierry Fandeur
    Citation: Malaria Journal 2012 11:89