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  1. Since the completion of the rat reference genome in 2003, whole-genome sequencing data from more than 40 rat strains have become available. These data represent the broad range of strains that are used in rat ...

    Authors: Roel Hermsen, Joep de Ligt, Wim Spee, Francis Blokzijl, Sebastian Schäfer, Eleonora Adami, Sander Boymans, Stephen Flink, Ruben van Boxtel, Robin H van der Weide, Tim Aitman, Norbert Hübner, Marieke Simonis, Boris Tabakoff, Victor Guryev and Edwin Cuppen
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2015 16:357
  2. The collective of somatic mutations in a genome represents a record of mutational processes that have been operative in a cell. These processes can be investigated by extracting relevant mutational patterns fr...

    Authors: Freek Manders, Arianne M. Brandsma, Jurrian de Kanter, Mark Verheul, Rurika Oka, Markus J. van Roosmalen, Bastiaan van der Roest, Arne van Hoeck, Edwin Cuppen and Ruben van Boxtel
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2022 23:134