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  1. The HPV16 E7 protein is both a tumour-specific and a tumour-rejection antigen, the ideal target for developing therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of HPV16-associated cancer and its precursor lesions. E7, w...

    Authors: Linda Petrone, Maria G Ammendolia, Armando Cesolini, Stefano Caimi, Fabiana Superti, Colomba Giorgi and Paola Di Bonito
    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2011 9:69
  2. Streptococcus pneumoniae is an important human pathogen representing a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. We sequenced the genome of a serotype 11A, ST62 S. pneumoniae invasive isolate (AP200), tha...

    Authors: Romina Camilli, Raoul JP Bonnal, Maria Del Grosso, Michele Iacono, Giorgio Corti, Ermanno Rizzi, Magda Marchetti, Laura Mulas, Francesco Iannelli, Fabiana Superti, Marco R Oggioni, Gianluca De Bellis and Annalisa Pantosti
    Citation: BMC Microbiology 2011 11:25
  3. The availability of cell lines releasing fluorescent viral particles can significantly support a variety of investigations, including the study of virus-cell interaction and the screening of antiviral compound...

    Authors: Claudia Muratori, Paola D'Aloja, Fabiana Superti, Antonella Tinari, Nathalie Sol-Foulon, Sandra Sparacio, Valerie Bosch, Olivier Schwartz and Maurizio Federico
    Citation: BMC Biotechnology 2006 6:52