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  1. In the absence of clinical trials, data on the safety of medicine exposures in pregnancy are dependent on observational studies conducted after the agent has been licensed for use. This requires an accurate hi...

    Authors: Jani van der Hoven, Elizabeth Allen, Annibale Cois, Renee de Waal, Gary Maartens, Landon Myer, Thokozile Malaba, Hlengiwe Madlala, Dorothy Nyemba, Florence Phelanyane, Andrew Boulle, Ushma Mehta and Emma Kalk
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2022 22:466
  2. Successful scale-up of antiretroviral therapy (ART) during pregnancy has minimized infant HIV acquisition, and over 1 million infants are born HIV-exposed but uninfected (HEU), with an increasing proportion al...

    Authors: Dorothy C. Nyemba, Emma Kalk, Hlengiwe P. Madlala, Thokozile R. Malaba, Amy L. Slogrove, Mary-Ann Davies, Andrew Boulle, Landon Myer and Kathleen M. Powis
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2021 21:354
  3. HIV diagnosis in South Africa is based on a point-of-care testing (PoCT) algorithm with paper-based record-keeping. Aggregated testing data are reported routinely. To facilitate improved HIV case-based surveil...

    Authors: Nisha Jacob, Brian Rice, Emma Kalk, Alexa Heekes, Jennie Morgan, Samantha Brinkmann, James Hargreaves, Marsha Orgill and Andrew Boulle
    Citation: BMC Health Services Research 2020 20:720
  4. Although global nutrition/dietary transition resulting from industrialisation and urbanisation has been identified as a major contributor to widespread trends of obesity, there is limited data in pregnant wome...

    Authors: Hlengiwe P. Madlala, Nelia P. Steyn, Emma Kalk, Mary-Anne Davies, Dorothy Nyemba, Thokozile R. Malaba, Ushma Mehta, Gregory Petro, Andrew Boulle and Landon Myer
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2021 21:1504
  5. Infants born HIV-exposed yet remain uninfected (HEU) are at increased risk of poorer growth and health compared to infants born HIV-unexposed (HU). Whether maternal antiretroviral treatment (ART) in pregnancy ...

    Authors: Dorothy C. Nyemba, Emma Kalk, Michael J. Vinikoor, Hlengiwe P. Madlala, Mwangelwa Mubiana-Mbewe, Maureen Mzumara, Carolyn Bolton Moore, Amy L. Slogrove, Andrew Boulle, Mary-Ann Davies, Landon Myer and Kathleen Powis
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2022 22:55
  6. Many biominerals form from amorphous calcium carbonate (ACC), but this phase is highly unstable when synthesised in its pure form inorganically. Several species of earthworm secrete calcium carbonate granules ...

    Authors: Mark E Hodson, Liane G Benning, Bea Demarchi, Kirsty E H Penkman, Juan D Rodriguez-Blanco, Paul F Schofield and Emma A A Versteegh
    Citation: Geochemical Transactions 2015 16:4
  7. The successful implementation of maternal vaccination relies on results of clinical trials, considering the prenatal and postnatal attendance at selected healthcare institutions. This study evaluated factors i...

    Authors: Shabir A. Madhi, Luis M. Rivera, Xavier Sáez-Llorens, Clara Menéndez, Nazira Carrim-Ganey, Mark F. Cotton, Darren Katzman, Mariëtha M. Luttig, Rosalba Candelario, Sherryl Baker and Mahua Roychoudhury
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2018 18:29