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  1. Increasing demand for high-value fish species and pressure on forage fish is challenging aquaculture to ensure sustainable growth by replacing protein sources in aquafeeds with plant and terrestrial animal pro...

    Authors: Ivana Lepen Pleić, Ivana Bušelić, Maria Messina, Jerko Hrabar, Luka Žuvić, Igor Talijančić, Iva Žužul, Tina Pavelin, Ivana Anđelić, Jelka Pleadin, Jasna Puizina, Leon Grubišić, Emilio Tibaldi and Tanja Šegvić-Bubić
    Citation: Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 2022 13:77
  2. Brown trout is one of the most widespread fresh-water fish species in Europe. The evolutionary history of and phylogenetic relationships between brown trout populations are complex, and this is especially true...

    Authors: Gabriele Magris, Fabio Marroni, Edo D’Agaro, Massimo Vischi, Cristina Chiabà, Davide Scaglione, James Kijas, Maria Messina, Emilio Tibaldi and Michele Morgante
    Citation: Genetics Selection Evolution 2022 54:8
  3. To date, delirium prevalence in adult acute hospital populations has been estimated generally from pooled findings of single-center studies and/or among specific patient populations. Furthermore, the number of...

    Authors: Giuseppe Bellelli, Alessandro Morandi, Simona G. Di Santo, Andrea Mazzone, Antonio Cherubini, Enrico Mossello, Mario Bo, Angelo Bianchetti, Renzo Rozzini, Ermellina Zanetti, Massimo Musicco, Alberto Ferrari, Nicola Ferrara and Marco Trabucchi
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2016 14:106