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  1. One of the most promising options for treatment of stroke using adult stem cells are human umbilical cord blood (HUCB) cells that were already approved for therapeutic efficacy in vivo. However, complexity of ani...

    Authors: Susann Hau, Doreen M Reich, Markus Scholz, Wilfried Naumann, Frank Emmrich, Manja Kamprad and Johannes Boltze
    Citation: BMC Neuroscience 2008 9:30
  2. The therapeutic capacity of human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells (HUCB-MNC) and stem cells derived thereof is documented in animal models of focal cerebral ischemia, while mechanisms behind the reducti...

    Authors: Doreen M Reich, Susann Hau, Tobias Stahl, Markus Scholz, Wilfried Naumann, Frank Emmrich, Johannes Boltze and Manja Kamprad
    Citation: BMC Neuroscience 2008 9:91