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  1. The purpose of this study was to investigate the diagnostic value of 3.0-T 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H MRS) in primary malignant hepatic tumors and to compare the effects of 1H MRS on the diagnostic ac...

    Authors: Li Zhang, Xinming Zhao, Han Ouyang, Shuang Wang and Chunwu Zhou
    Citation: Cancer Imaging 2016 16:25
  2. Mortality outcomes in trials of low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening for lung cancer are inconsistent. This study aimed to evaluate whether CT screening in urban areas of China could reduce lung cancer ...

    Authors: Zixing Wang, Wei Han, Weiwei Zhang, Fang Xue, Yuyan Wang, Yaoda Hu, Lei Wang, Chunwu Zhou, Yao Huang, Shijun Zhao, Wei Song, Xin Sui, Ruihong Shi and Jingmei Jiang
    Citation: Chinese Journal of Cancer 2017 36:57
  3. Breast cancer survivors are at high risk for fracture due to cancer treatment-induced bone loss, however, data is scarce regarding the scope of this problem from an epidemiologic and health services perspectiv...

    Authors: Evelyn Hsieh, Qin Wang, Renzhi Zhang, Xin Niu, Weibo Xia, Liana Fraenkel, Karl L. Insogna, Jing Li, Jennifer S. Smith, Chunwu Zhou, You-lin Qiao and Pin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2018 18:104