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  1. Ambient fine particulate matter (PM < 2.5 μm, PM2.5) is gaining increasing attention as an environmental risk factor for health. The kidneys are considered a particularly vulnerable target to the toxic effects th...

    Authors: Leen Rasking, Kenneth Vanbrabant, Hannelore Bové, Michelle Plusquin, Katrien De Vusser, Harry A. Roels and Tim S. Nawrot
    Citation: Environmental Health 2022 21:24
  2. Traditional markets are important trading places for medicinal plants, and researchers performing market surveys often engage in ethnobotanical research to record the herbal plants used locally and any related...

    Authors: Mingshuo Zhang, Haitao Li, Junqi Wang, Maohong Tang, Xiaobo Zhang, Shaohua Yang, Jianqin Liu, Ying Li, Xiulan Huang, Zhiyong Li and Luqi Huang
    Citation: Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2022 18:40
  3. The beta-binomial model is one of the methods that can be used to validly combine event rates from overdispersed binomial data. Our objective is to provide a full description of this method and to update and b...

    Authors: Yinong Young-Xu and K Arnold Chan
    Citation: BMC Medical Research Methodology 2008 8:58
  4. Large quantities of nitrogen (N) fertilizer applied to cotton cropping systems support high yields but cause adverse environmental impacts such as N2O emission and water eutrophication. The development of cotton ...

    Authors: Hengheng ZHANG, Xiaoqiong FU, Xiangru WANG, Huiping GUI, Qiang DONG, Nianchang PANG, Zhun WANG, Xiling ZHANG and Meizhen SONG
    Citation: Journal of Cotton Research 2018 1:6
  5. Occupational exposures to ultrafine particles in the plume generated during laser hair removal procedures, the most commonly performed light based cosmetic procedure, have not been thoroughly characterized. Ac...

    Authors: Emily J. Eshleman, Mallory LeBlanc, Lisa B. Rokoff, Yinyin Xu, Rui Hu, Kachiu Lee, Gary S. Chuang, Gary Adamkiewicz and Jaime E. Hart
    Citation: Environmental Health 2017 16:30
  6. O1 The metabolomics approach to autism: identification of biomarkers for early detection of autism spectrum disorder

    Authors: A. K. Srivastava, Y. Wang, R. Huang, C. Skinner, T. Thompson, L. Pollard, T. Wood, F. Luo, R. Stevenson, R. Polimanti, J. Gelernter, X. Lin, I. Y. Lim, Y. Wu, A. L. Teh, L. Chen…
    Citation: Human Genomics 2016 10(Suppl 1):12

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 10 Supplement 1

  7. The editors of Virology Journal would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 10 (2013). The success of any scientific journal depends on an effective and strict peer review ...

    Authors: Linfa Wang
    Citation: Virology Journal 2014 11:4
  8. There were 89 articles published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (JCMR) in 2020, including 71 original research papers, 5 technical notes, 6 reviews, 4 Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Reso...

    Authors: Warren J. Manning
    Citation: Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2022 24:14
  9. DNMT inhibitors are promising new drugs for cancer therapies. In this study, we have observed the antileukemic action of two diverse DNMT inhibitors, the nucleoside agent zebularine and the non-nucleoside agen...

    Authors: Jurate Savickiene, Grazina Treigyte, Veronika-Viktorija Borutinskaite and Ruta Navakauskiene
    Citation: Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters 2012 17:24