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  1. Maternal mortality is a major public health problem worldwide especially in low income countries. Most causes of maternal deaths are due to direct obstetric complications. Maternal mortality ratio remains high...

    Authors: Simon Ogwang, Robinah Najjemba, Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye and Christopher Garimoi Orach
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2012 12:20
  2. Northern Uganda was severely affected by two decades of civil war that led to the displacement and encampment of an estimated 1.6 million inhabitants. The objective of this study was to assess community perspe...

    Authors: Christopher Garimoi Orach, George Otim, Juliet Faith Aporomon, Richard Amone, Stephen Acellam Okello, Beatrice Odongkara and Henry Komakech
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2015 9:24
  3. Women of Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin are more at risk of stillbirths. However, there are limited tools built for risk-prediction models for stillbirth within sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, we examined the ...

    Authors: Silvia Awor, Rosemary Byanyima, Benard Abola, Paul Kiondo, Christopher Garimoi Orach, Jasper Ogwal-Okeng, Dan Kaye and Annettee Nakimuli
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2022 22:855
  4. Prolonged civil war and unrest has dominated the short history of South Sudan resulting in the long-term displacement of millions of people since the 1990s. Since December 2013, over one million South Sudanese...

    Authors: Henry Komakech, Lynn Atuyambe and Christopher Garimoi Orach
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2019 13:1
  5. Pre-eclampsia is the second leading cause of maternal death in Uganda. However, mothers report to the hospitals late due to health care challenges. Therefore, we developed and validated the prediction models f...

    Authors: Silvia Awor, Benard Abola, Rosemary Byanyima, Christopher Garimoi Orach, Paul Kiondo, Dan Kabonge Kaye, Jasper Ogwal-Okeng and Annettee Nakimuli
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2023 23:101
  6. Achieving Millennium Development Goal 4 is dependent on significantly reducing neonatal mortality. Low birth weight is an underlying factor in most neonatal deaths. In developing countries the missed opportuni...

    Authors: Nabiwemba L Elizabeth, Orach Garimoi Christopher and Kolsteren Patrick
    Citation: BMC Pediatrics 2013 13:54
  7. Detection, confirmation and monitoring of cholera outbreaks in many developing countries including Uganda is a big challenge due to lack of the required resources and the time the test takes. Culture method wh...

    Authors: Godfrey Bwire, Christopher Garimoi Orach, Dauda Abdallah, Amanda Kay Debes, Atek Kagirita, Malathi Ram and David A. Sack
    Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases 2017 17:726
  8. Community health workers (CHWs) have been proposed as a means for bridging gaps in healthcare delivery in rural communities. Recent CHW programmes have been shown to improve child and neonatal health outcomes,...

    Authors: Debra Singh, Joel Negin, Michael Otim, Christopher Garimoi Orach and Robert Cumming
    Citation: Human Resources for Health 2015 13:58
  9. Sustained motivation is essential for effective use of contraceptive methods by women in low- and middle-income countries as many women are likely to abandon contraceptives, especially when they continually ex...

    Authors: Ruth Ketty Kisuza, Saviour Kicaber, Derrick Bary Abila, Felix Bongomin and Christopher Orach Garimoi
    Citation: Contraception and Reproductive Medicine 2023 8:12
  10. There are limited data on awareness of cervical cancer risk factors and symptoms among refugee populations living in Uganda. In this study, we sought to determine the awareness and knowledge of cervical cancer...

    Authors: Winnie Adoch, Christopher Orach Garimoi, Suzanne E. Scott, Geoffrey Goddie Okeny, Jennifer Moodley, Henry Komakech, Fiona M. Walter and Amos Deogratius Mwaka
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2020 14:85
  11. Humanitarian health assistance programmes have expanded from temporary approaches addressing short-term needs to providing long-term interventions in emergency settings. Measuring sustainability of humanitaria...

    Authors: Henry Komakech, Christopher Garimoi Orach and Lynn M. Atuyambe
    Citation: Conflict and Health 2023 17:9
  12. Globally, approximately 6,700 newborn deaths and 5,400 stillbirths occur daily. The true figure is likely higher, with under reporting of adverse pregnancy outcomes (APOs) noted. Decision-making in health is i...

    Authors: Doris Kwesiga, Leif Eriksson, Christopher Garimoi Orach, Charlotte Tawiah, Md Ali Imam, Ane B. Fisker, Yeetey Enuameh, Joy E. Lawn, Hannah Blencowe, Peter Waiswa, Hannah Bradby and Mats Malqvist
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2022 22:292
  13. Water is the most abundant resource on earth, however water scarcity affects more than 40% of people worldwide. Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right and is a United Nations Sustainable Developm...

    Authors: Godfrey Bwire, David A. Sack, Atek Kagirita, Tonny Obala, Amanda K. Debes, Malathi Ram, Henry Komakech, Christine Marie George and Christopher Garimoi Orach
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2020 20:1128
  14. Neonatal mortality has remained persistently high worldwide. In Uganda, neonatal deaths account for 50% of all infant deaths. Low birth weight is associated with a higher risk of death during the neonatal peri...

    Authors: Elizabeth L Nabiwemba, Lynn Atuyambe, Bart Criel, Patrick Kolsteren and Christopher Garimoi Orach
    Citation: BMC Public Health 2014 14:546
  15. Neonatal death accounts for one fifth of all under-five mortality in Uganda. Suboptimal newborn care practices resulting from hypothermia, poor hygiene and delayed initiation of breastfeeding are leading predi...

    Authors: Mangwi Richard Ayiasi, Kathleen Van Royen, Roosmarijn Verstraeten, Lynn Atuyambe, Bart Criel, Christopher Orach Garimoi and Patrick Kolsteren
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2013 13:176
  16. Global neonatal mortality remains unacceptably high. Health workers who attend to prenatal and postnatal mothers need to be knowledgeable in preventive and curative care for pregnant women and their newborn ba...

    Authors: Richard Mangwi Ayiasi, Bart Criel, Christopher Garimoi Orach, Elizabeth Nabiwemba and Patrick Kolsteren
    Citation: BMC Health Services Research 2014 14:65
  17. Neonatal mortality has remained resistant to change in the wake of declining child mortality. Suboptimal newborn care practices are predisposing factors to neonatal mortality. Adherence to four ANC consultatio...

    Authors: Richard Mangwi Ayiasi, Simon Kasasa, Bart Criel, Christopher Garimoi Orach and Patrick Kolsteren
    Citation: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2014 14:114
  18. A substantial proportion of healthcare professionals have inadequate understanding of traditional and complementary medicine and often consider their use inappropriate.

    Authors: Amos Deogratius Mwaka, Gervase Tusabe, Christopher Orach Garimoi and Sunita Vohra
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2018 18:310
  19. As part of efforts to implement the human resources capacity building component of the African Regional Strategy on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) for the health sector, the African Regional Office of the Worl...

    Authors: Olushayo Olu, Abdulmumini Usman, Kalula Kalambay, Stella Anyangwe, Kuku Voyi, Christopher Garimoi Orach, Aklilu Azazh, Mala Ali Mapatano, Ngoy Nsenga, Lucien Manga, Solomon Woldetsadik, Francois Nguessan and Angela Benson
    Citation: BMC Medical Education 2018 18:60