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  1. There is growing evidence that fish protein hydrolysate (FPH) diets affect mitochondrial fatty acid metabolism in animals. The aim of the study was to determine if FPH could influence fatty acid metabolism and...

    Authors: Bodil Bjørndal, Christ Berge, Marie Sannes Ramsvik, Asbjørn Svardal, Pavol Bohov, Jon Skorve and Rolf K Berge
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2013 12:143
  2. Herring roe is an underutilized source of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) for human consumption with high phospholipid (PL) content. Studies have shown that PL may improve bioavailability of n-3 PUFAs....

    Authors: Bodil Bjørndal, Elin Strand, Jennifer Gjerde, Pavol Bohov, Asbjørn Svardal, Bernd WK Diehl, Sheila M Innis, Alvin Berger and Rolf K Berge
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2014 13:82
  3. Marine derived oils are rich in long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, in particular eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which have long been associated with health promoting e...

    Authors: Veronika Tillander, Bodil Bjørndal, Lena Burri, Pavol Bohov, Jon Skorve, Rolf K Berge and Stefan EH Alexson
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2014 11:20
  4. A beneficial effect of a high n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LCPUFA) intake has been observed in heart failure patients, who are frequently insulin resistant. We investigated the potential influenc...

    Authors: Elin Strand, Eva R Pedersen, Gard FT Svingen, Hall Schartum-Hansen, Eirik W Rebnord, Bodil Bjørndal, Reinhard Seifert, Pavol Bohov, Klaus Meyer, J Kalervo Hiltunen, Jan E Nordrehaug, Dennis WT Nilsen, Rolf K Berge and Ottar Nygård
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2013 11:216
  5. The 4-thia fatty acid tetradecylthiopropionic acid (TTP) is known to inhibit mitochondrial β-oxidation, and can be used as chemically induced hepatic steatosis-model in rodents, while 3-thia fatty acid tetrade...

    Authors: Bodil Bjørndal, Eva Katrine Alterås, Carine Lindquist, Asbjørn Svardal, Jon Skorve and Rolf K. Berge
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2018 15:10
  6. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is often associated with obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and the metabolic syndrome in addition to mitochondrial dysfunction and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD

    Authors: Rolf K. Berge, Daniel Cacabelos, Rosa Señarís, Jan Erik Nordrehaug, Ottar Nygård, Jon Skorve and Bodil Bjørndal
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2020 19:94
  7. Hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction plays an important role in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Methyl donor supplementation has been shown to alleviate NAFLD, connecting the condit...

    Authors: Rolf K. Berge, Bodil Bjørndal, Elin Strand, Pavol Bohov, Carine Lindquist, Jan Erik Nordrehaug, Asbjørn Svardal, Jon Skorve and Ottar Nygård
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2016 15:24
  8. Lipid abnormalities, enhanced inflammation and oxidative stress seem to represent a vicious circle in atherogenesis, and therapeutic options directed against these processes seems like a reasonable approach in...

    Authors: Rolf K. Berge, Marie S. Ramsvik, Pavol Bohov, Asbjørn Svardal, Jan E. Nordrehaug, Espen Rostrup, Inge Bruheim and Bodil Bjørndal
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2015 14:163
  9. Marine food is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids with beneficial health effects. Oils from marine organisms have different fatty acid composition and differ in their molecular composition. Fish oil (F...

    Authors: Jon Skorve, Mika Hilvo, Terhi Vihervaara, Lena Burri, Pavol Bohov, Veronika Tillander, Bodil Bjørndal, Matti Suoniemi, Reijo Laaksonen, Kim Ekroos, Rolf K. Berge and Stefan E. H. Alexson
    Citation: Lipids in Health and Disease 2015 14:88