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  1. Diets that restrict carbohydrate (CHO) have proven to be a successful dietary treatment of obesity for many people, but the degree of weight loss varies across individuals. The extent to which genetic factors ...

    Authors: Gualberto Ruaño, Andreas Windemuth, Mohan Kocherla, Theodore Holford, Maria Luz Fernandez, Cassandra E Forsythe, Richard J Wood, William J Kraemer and Jeff S Volek
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2006 3:20
  2. Genetic factors that predict responses to diet may ultimately be used to individualize dietary recommendations. We used physiogenomics to explore associations among polymorphisms in candidate genes and changes...

    Authors: Richard L Seip, Jeff S Volek, Andreas Windemuth, Mohan Kocherla, Maria Luz Fernandez, William J Kraemer and Gualberto Ruaño
    Citation: Nutrition & Metabolism 2008 5:4