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  1. The growth rate of germlings of threeFucus species (F. distichus subsp.edentatus from Iceland,F. vesiculosus from Helgoland, North Sea, andF. virsoides from the North Adriatic Sea) has been investigated under dif...

    Authors: I. M. Munda
    Citation: Helgoländer wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen 1977 29:BF01614266
  2. The Helping Alliance Questionnaire (HAQ) is a frequently used and highly relevant instrument to assess the therapeutic alliance. The questionnaire was translated into German by Bassler and colleagues (1995) an...

    Authors: Hannah Sophie Eich, Levente Kriston, Elisabeth Schramm and Josef Bailer
    Citation: BMC Psychiatry 2018 18:107
  3. The study was a collaboration between Lifting The Burden (LTB) and the European Headache Federation (EHF). Its aim was to evaluate the implementation of quality indicators for headache care Europe-wide in special...

    Authors: Sara Schramm, Derya Uluduz, Raquel Gil Gouveia, Rigmor Jensen, Aksel Siva, Ugur Uygunoglu, Giorgadze Gvantsa, Maka Mania, Mark Braschinsky, Elena Filatova, Nina Latysheva, Vera Osipova, Kirill Skorobogatykh, Julia Azimova, Andreas Straube, Ozan Emre Eren…
    Citation: The Journal of Headache and Pain 2016 17:111
  4. WORKSHOP 4: Challenging clinical scenarios (CS01–CS06)

    Authors: S. Tolga Yavuz, Ozan Koc, Ali Gungor, Faysal Gok, Jessica Hawley, Christopher O’Brien, Matthew Thomas, Malcolm Brodlie, Louise Michaelis, Inês Mota, Ângela Gaspar, Susana Piedade, Graça Sampaio, José Geraldo Dias, Miguel Paiva, Mário Morais-Almeida…
    Citation: Clinical and Translational Allergy 2016 6(Suppl 1):42

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 6 Supplement 1

  5. In order to evaluate the effect of pH, known as a critical factor for shaping the biogeographical microbial patterns in the studies by others, on the bacterial diversity, we selected two sites in a similar geo...

    Authors: Sun-Ja Cho, Mi-Hee Kim and Young-Ok Lee
    Citation: Journal of Ecology and Environment 2016 40:10
  6. Post stroke management has moved into the focus as it represents the only way to secure acute treatment effects in the long term. Due to individual courses, post stroke management appears rather challenging an...

    Authors: Dominik Michalski, Alexander Prost, Till Handel, Max Schreiber, Jean-Baptiste Tylcz, Daniela Geisler, Daniela Urban, Stephanie Schramm, Stefan Lippmann, Jenny Gullnick, Thomas Neumuth, Joseph Classen and Galina Ivanova
    Citation: Neurological Research and Practice 2021 3:53

    The Commentary to this article has been published in Neurological Research and Practice 2021 3:54

  7. High-risk neuroblastoma with N-Myc amplification remains a therapeutic challenge in paediatric oncology. Antagonism of pro-death Bcl-2 homology (BH) proteins to pro-survival BH members such as Mcl-1 and Bcl-2 ...

    Authors: Stefanie Klenke, Neval Akdeli, Patrick Stelmach, Lukas Heukamp, Johannes H. Schulte and Hagen S. Bachmann
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2019 19:243
  8. Allergic asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways that results from inappropriate production of IgE against harmless, environmental antigens. Sequestration of free IgE using humanized IgG anti-IgE is ...

    Authors: Sonali J. Bracken, Alexander J. Adami, Ektor Rafti, Craig M. Schramm and Adam P. Matson
    Citation: Clinical and Molecular Allergy 2018 16:13
  9. The most important receptor for nitic oxide is the soluble guanylate cyclase (sGC), a heme containing heterodimer. Recently, a pyrazolopyridine derivative BAY 41-2272, structurally related to YC-1, was identif...

    Authors: Eva Maria Becker, Cristina Alonso-Alija, Heiner Apeler, Rupert Gerzer, Torsten Minuth, Ulrich Pleiβ, Peter Schmidt, Matthias Schramm, Henning Schröder, Werner Schroeder, Wolfram Steinke, Alexander Straub and Johannes-Peter Stasch
    Citation: BMC Pharmacology 2001 1:13
  10. Medulloblastoma is a leading cause of childhood cancer-related deaths. Current aggressive treatments frequently lead to cognitive and neurological disabilities in survivors. Novel targeted therapies are requir...

    Authors: Kristian W Pajtler, Christina Weingarten, Theresa Thor, Annette Künkele, Lukas C Heukamp, Reinhard Büttner, Takayoshi Suzuki, Naoki Miyata, Michael Grotzer, Anja Rieb, Annika Sprüssel, Angelika Eggert, Alexander Schramm and Johannes H Schulte
    Citation: Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2013 1:19
  11. Neuroblastoma is the most common pediatric solid tumor of the sympathetic nervous system. Development of improved predictive tools for patients stratification is a crucial requirement for neuroblastoma therapy...

    Authors: Andrea Cornero, Massimo Acquaviva, Paolo Fardin, Rogier Versteeg, Alexander Schramm, Alessandra Eva, Maria Carla Bosco, Fabiola Blengio, Sara Barzaghi and Luigi Varesio
    Citation: BMC Bioinformatics 2012 13(Suppl 4):S13

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 13 Supplement 4

  12. Programming deep brain stimulation in dystonia is difficult because of the delayed benefits and absence of evidence-based guidelines. Therefore, we evaluated the efficacy of a programming algorithm applied in ...

    Authors: Frank Steigerwald, Anna Dalal Kirsch, Andrea A. Kühn, Andreas Kupsch, Joerg Mueller, Wilhelm Eisner, Günther Deuschl, Daniela Falk, Alfons Schnitzler, Inger Marie Skogseid, Juliane Vollmer-Haase, Chi W. Ip, Volker Tronnier, Jan Vesper, Markus Naumann and Jens Volkmann
    Citation: Neurological Research and Practice 2019 1:25
  13. Neuroblastoma tumor cells are assumed to originate from primitive neuroblasts giving rise to the sympathetic nervous system. Because these precursor cells are not detectable in postnatal life, their transcript...

    Authors: Katleen De Preter, Jo Vandesompele, Pierre Heimann, Nurten Yigit, Siv Beckman, Alexander Schramm, Angelika Eggert, Raymond L Stallings, Yves Benoit, Marleen Renard, Anne De Paepe, Geneviève Laureys, Sven Påhlman and Frank Speleman
    Citation: Genome Biology 2006 7:R84

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Genome Biology 2007 8:401

  14. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common pediatric cancer. While current treatment regimens achieve almost 80% overall survival, long-term side effects of chemotherapeutic agents can be severe. Th...

    Authors: Annette Künkele, Anja Grosse-Lordemann, Alexander Schramm, Angelika Eggert, Johannes H Schulte and Hagen S Bachmann
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2013 13:452
  15. Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) is released from activated meningeal afferent fibres in the cranial dura mater, which likely accompanies severe headache attacks. Increased CGRP levels have been observed...

    Authors: Miriam Risch, Birgit Vogler, Mária Dux and Karl Messlinger
    Citation: The Journal of Headache and Pain 2021 22:105
  16. Recurrent loss of part of the long arm of chromosome 11 is a well established hallmark of a subtype of aggressive neuroblastomas. Despite intensive mapping efforts to localize the culprit 11q tumour suppressor...

    Authors: Evi Michels, Jasmien Hoebeeck, Katleen De Preter, Alexander Schramm, Bénédicte Brichard, Anne De Paepe, Angelika Eggert, Geneviève Laureys, Jo Vandesompele and Frank Speleman
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2008 8:173