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  1. Brisken et al (2000) showed that Wnt4 null mammary glands were deficient in early lobuloalveolar mammary outgrowth during pregnancy, and implicated Wnt4 as an effector for the progesterone-induced mammary grow...

    Authors: Young Chul Kim, Rod J Clark, Francisco Pelegri and Caroline M Alexander
    Citation: BMC Developmental Biology 2009 9:55
  2. High-throughput sequencing is gradually replacing microarrays as the preferred method for studying mRNA expression levels, providing nucleotide resolution and accurately measuring absolute expression levels of...

    Authors: Jeremy A Miller, Vilas Menon, Jeff Goldy, Ajamete Kaykas, Chang-Kyu Lee, Kimberly A Smith, Elaine H Shen, John W Phillips, Ed S Lein and Mike J Hawrylycz
    Citation: BMC Genomics 2014 15:154
  3. We develop CellSIUS (Cell Subtype Identification from Upregulated gene Sets) to fill a methodology gap for rare cell population identification for scRNA-seq data. CellSIUS outperforms existing algorithms for s...

    Authors: Rebekka Wegmann, Marilisa Neri, Sven Schuierer, Bilada Bilican, Huyen Hartkopf, Florian Nigsch, Felipa Mapa, Annick Waldt, Rachel Cuttat, Max R. Salick, Joe Raymond, Ajamete Kaykas, Guglielmo Roma and Caroline Gubser Keller
    Citation: Genome Biology 2019 20:142
  4. The Wnt signaling pathway is activated by mutations in the APC and β-catenin genes in many types of human cancer. β-catenin is stabilized by these mutations and activates transcription in part by acting as a b...

    Authors: Christophe Fuerer, Krisztian Homicsko, Alexander N Lukashev, Anne-Laure Pittet and Richard D Iggo
    Citation: BMC Cancer 2006 6:236