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  1. Infants born <30 weeks’ gestation are at increased risk of long term neurodevelopmental problems compared with term born peers. The predictive value of neurobehavioural examinations at term equivalent age in v...

    Authors: Alicia J Spittle, Deanne K Thompson, Nisha C Brown, Karli Treyvaud, Jeanie LY Cheong, Katherine J Lee, Carmen C Pace, Joy Olsen, Leesa G Allinson, Angela T Morgan, Marc Seal, Abbey Eeles, Fiona Judd, Lex W Doyle and Peter J Anderson
    Citation: BMC Pediatrics 2014 14:111
  2. Early developmental interventions to prevent the high rate of neurodevelopmental problems in very preterm children, including cognitive, motor and behavioral impairments, are urgently needed. These interventio...

    Authors: Alicia J Spittle, Carmel Ferretti, Peter J Anderson, Jane Orton, Abbey Eeles, Lisa Bates, Roslyn N Boyd, Terrie E Inder and Lex W Doyle
    Citation: BMC Pediatrics 2009 9:73