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  1. Efficient industrial processes for converting plant lignocellulosic materials into biofuels are a key to global efforts to come up with alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. Novel cellulolytic enzymes ha...

    Authors: Sebastian GA Konietzny, Phillip B Pope, Aaron Weimann and Alice C McHardy
    Citation: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2014 7:124
  2. Understanding the biological mechanisms used by microorganisms for plant biomass degradation is of considerable biotechnological interest. Despite of the growing number of sequenced (meta)genomes of plant biom...

    Authors: Aaron Weimann, Yulia Trukhina, Phillip B Pope, Sebastian GA Konietzny and Alice C McHardy
    Citation: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2013 6:24
  3. To elucidate biogas microbial communities and processes, the application of high-throughput DNA analysis approaches is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, generated data can only partialy be interp...

    Authors: Irena Maus, Andreas Bremges, Yvonne Stolze, Sarah Hahnke, Katharina G. Cibis, Daniela E. Koeck, Yong S. Kim, Jana Kreubel, Julia Hassa, Daniel Wibberg, Aaron Weimann, Sandra Off, Robbin Stantscheff, Vladimir V. Zverlov, Wolfgang H. Schwarz, Helmut K├Ânig…
    Citation: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2017 10:264
  4. Population-level comparisons of prokaryotic genomes must take into account the substantial differences in gene content resulting from horizontal gene transfer, gene duplication and gene loss. However, the auto...

    Authors: Gerry Tonkin-Hill, Neil MacAlasdair, Christopher Ruis, Aaron Weimann, Gal Horesh, John A. Lees, Rebecca A. Gladstone, Stephanie Lo, Christopher Beaudoin, R. Andres Floto, Simon D.W. Frost, Jukka Corander, Stephen D. Bentley and Julian Parkhill
    Citation: Genome Biology 2020 21:180