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Top Altmetrics: Highly Influential Research from 2018

New Content ItemPresenting you the Top Altmetric-scoring 2018 articles across our open access oncology-related journals, including BMC, SpringerOpen and Nature.

Journal of Translational Medicine

First results on survival from a large Phase 3 clinical trial of an autologous dendritic cell vaccine in newly diagnosed glioblastoma

BMC Medicine

Associations of discretionary screen time with mortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer are attenuated by strength, fitness and physical activity: findings from the UK Biobank study

Cell Death & Disease

Dianhydrogalactitol induces replication-dependent DNA damage in tumor cells preferentially resolved by homologous recombination

BMC Cancer

Greater family size is associated with less cancer risk: an ecological analysis of 178 countries

Blood Cancer Journal

Defining cure in multiple myeloma: a comparative study of outcomes of young individuals with myeloma and curable hematologic malignancies

Breast Cancer Research

NR2F1 stratifies dormant disseminated tumor cells in breast cancer patients

Genome Biology 

Negative selection in tumor genome evolution acts on essential cellular functions and the immunopeptidome

Molecular Cancer

Suppression of PDHX by microRNA-27b deregulates cell metabolism and promotes growth in breast cancer

BMC Biology
Nothing in cancer makes sense except…
Diagnostic Pathology
Analytic validity of DecisionDx-Melanoma, a gene expression profile test for determining metastatic risk in melanoma patients
Genome Medicine
Cancer Genome Interpreter annotates the biological and clinical relevance of tumor alterations
Journal of Hematology & Oncology
Cancer immunotherapy beyond immune checkpoint inhibitors
Radiation Oncology
Monte Carlo verification of radiotherapy treatments with CloudMC
Journal of Medical Case Reports
Roxithromycin monotherapy inducing a partial response in a patient with myeloma: a case report
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research
CDK9 inhibitors in acute myeloid leukemia
World Journal of Surgical Oncology
Systematic review of single-incision versus conventional multiport laparoscopic surgery for sigmoid colon and rectal cancer
Cell Death Discovery
Autophagy and unfolded protein response (UPR) regulate mammary gland involution by restraining apoptosis-driven irreversible changes
Cancer & Metabolism
Switch to low-fat diet improves outcome of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in obese mice
Clinical Epigenetics
Adipose tissue inflammation and VDR expression and methylation in colorectal cancer
Infectious Agents and Cancer
Epidemiologic and economic burden of HPV diseases in Spain: implication of additional 5 types from the 9-valent vaccine
Experimental Hematology & Oncology
Methylome of human senescent hematopoietic progenitors
Risk of coronary events 55 Years after Thymic irradiation in the Hempelmann cohort 
Cancer Nanotechnology
Gene therapy with RALA/iNOS composite nanoparticles significantly enhances survival in a model of metastatic prostate cancer
Cancers of the Head & Neck
Thyroid cancer risk in airline cockpit and cabin crew: a meta-analysis
European Radiology Experimental
Augmented reality for interventional oncology: proof-of-concept study of a novel high-end guidance system platform
Cancer Imaging
Changes in biodistribution on 68Ga-DOTA-Octreotate PET/CT after long acting somatostatin analogue therapy in neuroendocrine tumour patients may result in pseudoprogression
EJNMMI Research
Accuracy of tumor segmentation from multi-parametric prostate MRI and18F-choline PET/CT for focal prostate cancer therapy applications
Cancer Communications
Precision medicine becomes reality—tumor type-agnostic therapy
Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice
Central nervous system gadolinium accumulation in patients undergoing periodical contrast MRI screening for hereditary tumor syndromes
Applied Cancer Research
Liquid biopsy - emergence of a new era in personalized cancer care
Cell Communication and Signaling
Reawakening of dormant estrogen-dependent human breast cancer cells by bone marrow stroma secretory senescence
Cancer Convergence
Cancer dormancy and criticality from a game theory perspective

Cancer Cell International

LncRNA PVT1 promotes the growth of HPV positive and negative cervical squamous cell carcinoma by inhibiting TGF-β1

Clinical Sarcoma Research

Report from the 4th European Bone Sarcoma Networking meeting: focus on osteosarcoma

European Journal of Hybrid Imaging
The prognostic value of preoperative FDG-PET/CT metabolic parameters in cervical cancer patients
Biomarker Research
Fibronectin protein expression in renal cell carcinoma in correlation with clinical stage of tumour
EJNMMI physics
Comparison of PET/CT and PET/MR imaging and dosimetry of yttrium-90 (90Y) in patients with unresectable hepatic tumors who have received intra-arterial radioembolization therapy with 90Y microspheres

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