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Physical sciences and engineering journals with the BMC Series

The BMC Series is now a home for your research in the physical sciences and engineering fields. Find out more about publishing your articles with these journals below. More titles will be added in 2019.

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BMC Biomedical Engineering

​​​​​​​BMC Biomedical Engineering considers all aspects of research from the biomedical engineering field. This includes fundamental, translational and clinical research to further the understanding of human biology and disease and improve human health.

BMC Chemical Engineering

BMC Chemical Engineering is a broad scope journal providing an inclusive platform for chemical engineering research to aid the advancement of chemical, biological and materials processing.

BMC Energy

BMC Energy is a home for all aspects of theory, development and applications of energy and fuel research from across the physical sciences. This includes engineering, physics, chemistry and the environmental sciences. 

BMC Chemistry

BMC Chemistry, formerly known as Chemistry Central Journal, is now part of the BMC Series. This journal publishes open access articles from across the broad field of chemistry.

BMC Materials

BMC Materials is an open access, peer reviewed journal covering all multi-disciplinary areas of materials science. It considers fundamental and applied research in the synthesis, characterisation, modelling and application of materials.

Why publish with the BMC Series?

The BMC series is a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals covering all scientific and clinical disciplines, focusing on the needs of the research communities which they serve.

The BMC series:

  • Offers an efficient and fair peer review service
  • Provides a home for all publishable research within the series
  • Innovates in approaches to peer review and publication
  • Promotes transparency and open research
  • Partners with our authors, editors and reviewers to make scientific knowledge widely available

Publish with the BMC series to make connections across the research community. 

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Hear from the Editors on the journals

"...the journal wishes to facilitate communication and the sharing of information, removing barriers to discovery.​​​​​​​"

Editor Harriet Manning explains more about this exciting new direction with the launch of BMC Energy.

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"My vision for the journal is to present quality science in the field of biomedical engineering. That is the single most important requirement."

Section Editor Professor Alan Lefor outlines his aspirations for BMC Biomedical Engineering.

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"Chemical engineering is a field that combines engineering concepts with core scientific principles to develop real world solutions to the benefit of humanity."

Section Editor Dr Gongping Liu discusses the value of BMC Chemical Engineering.

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"In order to remain a true pioneer of open science, the journal must continuously evolve..."

Editor Samuel Winthrop unpacks the transition of Chemistry Central Journal to BMC Chemistry.

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BMC Research Notes – a journal for open access and short-form research

​​​​​Are you researching in engineering and the physical sciences but not yet ready to publish a full research article? BMC Research Notes provides a space for this work to be peer-reviewed and shared with the wider research community.

Short form research

Share your physical sciences data

Need a home for your data? Whether you research in engineering, chemistry, earth sciences, or any of the other physical sciences, you can publish a data note. This makes your data easier to find, cite and share.

Data notes