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Welcome to our page dedicated to research on substance use where we showcase journal news, article collections, highlights and recent campaigns, as selected by our Editors. 

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Journal of Cannabis Research​​​​​​​Journal of Cannabis Research has published its first articles!

We are excited to announce that the Journal of Cannabis Research has fully launched as an international, multidisciplinary journal, and has published its first articles. Editor-in-Chief Dr David Gorelick gives an introduction to the journal and answers 'why do we need this new journal now'.

New cannabis research

Journal of Cannabis Research​​​​​​​High school student cannabis use and perceptions towards cannabis in southcentral Colorado – comparing communities that permit recreational dispensaries and communities that do not

With the legalization of cannabis and the opening of recreational dispensaries in states across the the US, the Editors of this brief report investigate whether or not proximity to recreational cannabis dispensaries affects high school students in terms of their use, perceptions, and harmfulness and wrongfulness of using cannabis.

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Journal of Cannabis ResearchGenetic tools weed out misconceptions of strain reliability in Cannabis sativa: implications for a budding industry

Cannabis sativa is excluded from regulation by the United States Department of Agriculture. As cannabis legalization and consumption increases, the need to provide consumers with consistent products becomes more pressing. The Editors of this original research study examined commercially available, drug-type cannabis strains.

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Journal of Cannabis ResearchMolecular neuroscience at its “high”: bibliometric analysis of the most cited papers on endocannabinoid system, cannabis and cannabinoids

As a heavily investigated research area, the Editors of this research article highlighted the 100 most cited papers from the Web of Science Core Collection.

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Journal of Cannabis Research​​​​​​​Cannabis use patterns at the dawn of US cannabis reform

Three in 10 cannabis users develop cannabis use disorder (CUD) in the US. In order to provide more understanding, this brief research report describes cannabis usage preferences particularly among young men.

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World No Tobacco Day – May 31, 2019

World No Tobacco Day at BMC © WHOThe theme this year for World No Tobacco Day is 'tobacco and lung health', chosen by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Calling to governments worldwide, the WHO is in a bid to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal target of a one-third reduction in noncommunicable disease-related premature deaths by 2030.

The world is currently not on track to meet this target.

Our Editors have chosen recent and relevant research to help raise awareness. 
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Recent research in tobacco and lung health

Respiratory ResearchRespiratory Research

From blood to lung tissue: effect of cigarette smoke on DNA methylation and lung function
This study is the first to validate a panel of CpG-sites that are associated with cigarette smoking and lung function levels in whole blood in the tissue of interest: lung tissue.

Second-hand smoke exposure in adulthood and lower respiratory health during 20 year follow up in the European Community Respiratory Health Survey
This study observes how exposure to second-hand smoke may lead to respiratory symptoms, but this is not accompanied by lung function changes over a 20 year period.

BMC Cancer​​​​​​​BMC Cancer

Cumulative smoking dose affects the clinical outcomes of EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma patients treated with EGFR-TKIs: a retrospective study
This study reports that cumulative smoking dose is an important predictive and prognostic factor in patients with EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma, and associated smoking-related gene signatures might affect the outcomes.

Smokers’ interest in a lung cancer screening programme: a national survey in England
This study examines the interest in a national lung cancer screening programme and modifiable attitudinal factors that may affect participation by smokers.

BMC Public HealthBMC Public Health

Determinants of motivation to quit in smokers screened for the early detection of lung cancer: a qualitative study
This study demonstrates individualised and complex motivations about smoking among lung cancer screening participants and the ways in which lung cancer screening can create a ‘teachable moment’ in motivations about smoking.

Perceived effectiveness of pictorial health warnings on changes in smoking behaviour in Asia: a literature review
This study finds that pictorial health warnings are perceived as more effective in deterring smoking initiation among non-smokers and as well as in stimulating smoking cessation among smokers.

“That’s probably what my mama’s lungs look like”: how adolescent children react to pictorial warnings on their parents’ cigarette packs
This study shows that conversations about the pictorial warnings on cigarette packs may amplify their effectiveness, reaching broader audience, such as  adolescent children of smokers.​​​​​​​

Environmental HealthEnvironmental Health

Combined effect of silica dust exposure and cigarette smoking on total and cause-specific mortality in iron miners: a cohort study
This study reports that cigarette smoking and long-term exposure to crystalline silica dust is associated with increased mortality in iron miners.

Harm Reduction JournalHarm Reduction Journal

Concentrations of nicotine, nitrosamines, and humectants in legal and illegal cigarettes in Mexico
This study examines the concentration of certain chemicals in legal and illegal cigarettes in Mexico.

Developing E-cigarette friendly smoking cessation services in England: staff perspectives
This study examines staff perceptions on developing e-cigarette friendly smoking cessation services.

Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Policy​​​​​​​Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy

Effectiveness of a new multi-component smoking cessation service package for patients with hypertension and diabetes in northern Thailand: a randomized controlled trial (ESCAPE study)
This is an RCT looking at a multi-component smoking cessation intervention, aimed at people with hypertension and diabetes.

“It’s on everyone’s plate”: a qualitative study into physicians’ perceptions of responsibility for smoking cessation
This study looks at doctor's opinions about their responsibility for their patients' smoking cessation.

​​​​​​​Addiction Science & Clinical PracticeAddiction Science & Clinical Practice

Development of a social media-based intervention targeting tobacco use and heavy episodic drinking in young adults
This study tested the usability of an intervention to reduce smoking and drinking in young people, delivered over Facebook.

Tobacco use among non-elderly adults with and without criminal justice involvement in the past year: United States, 2008–2016
This study used survey data to compare tobacco use between people with and without involvement in the criminal justice system.

Globalization and HealthGlobalization and Health

From transit hub to major supplier of illicit cigarettes to Argentina and Brazil: the changing role of domestic production and transnational tobacco companies in Paraguay between 1960 and 2003
This paper examines the illicit tobacco trade in Brazil and Argentina.

“We think globally”: the rise of Paraguay’s Tabacalera del Este as a threat to global tobacco control
This study examines one of the few remaining independent tobacco companies in Latin America, Paraguay’s Tabacalera del Este (Tabesa).

InternInternational Journal for Equity in Health​​​​​​​ational Journal for Equity in Health

Decomposition of socioeconomic inequalities in cigarette smoking: the case of Namibia
This paper examines the socioeconomic inequalities in cigarette smoking in Namibia, highlighting the drivers for inequalities and providing policy makers with the levers with which to address them and to develop appropriate interventions against smoking.

Implementation Science​​​​​​​Implementation Science

A randomized trial of decision support for tobacco dependence treatment in an inpatient electronic medical record: clinical results
This study reports the efficacy of the Electronic Support Tool and Orders for the Prevention of Smoking (E-STOPS) on short- and long-term rates of tobacco abstinence.

Archives of Public HealthArchives of Public Health

A qualitative assessment of business perspectives and tactics of tobacco and vape shop retailers in three communities in Orange County, CA, 2015–2016
This study describes the commercial motivations of vape shops in minority communities as business entities whose financial interests and actions may be particularly impacted by regulation of ENDS.

Public Health Reviews​​​​​​​Public Health Reviews

Three lifestyle-related issues of major significance for public health among the Inuit in contemporary Greenland: a review of adverse childhood conditions, obesity, and smoking in a period of social transition
This review discusses smoking as a public health issue in Greenland.

AIDS Research and TherapyAIDS Research and Therapy

Smoking and HIV: what are the risks and what harm reduction strategies do we have at our disposal?
Practical suggestions developed healthcare workers to support people living with HIV to quit smoking.

ISRCTN registry

The effect of capping the size of cigarette packs on consumption
This study aims to find out whether asking smokers to buy cigarettes in smaller pack sizes affects how many cigarettes they smoke.

Promoting smoking abstinence through Virtual Reality (VR) - Approach Bias Training
This is an ongoing study of a newly developed VR approach-bias retraining that aims to reduce smoking or facilitate abstinence.

A call for papers by Harm Reduction Journal

State of the art and best-practice interventions for reducing harm among illicit stimulant users

State of the art and best-practice interventions for reducing harm among illicit stimulant users - Harm Reduction JournalMany studies and interventions aim for reductions or abstinence in stimulant use rather than other crucial domains of functioning, such as physical and mental health, social functioning, and quality of life. Therefore, we invite you to submit manuscripts for our special issue to increase research in this area.
Edited by: Caleb Banta-Green and Peter Blanken

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The Involvement and Engagement of Peers in Research

The Involvement and Engagement of Peers in Research - Harm Reduction JournalWe are seeking research reports on:
• Both peer-led and collaborative research projects;
• Methodological articles explaining how peer-based research was undertaken;
• Reviews or historical articles on peer involvement in research;
• Commentaries, for example on personal experience of peer involvement in designing and conducting studies, or writing up and disseminating research findings.
Edited by: Annie Madden, Prof Jo Neale & Prof Carla Treloar

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