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Welcome to our Public Health page where we showcase journal news, collections, highlights and recent campaigns from our open access journals, as selected by our editors.
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United Nations Population FundWorld Population Day

This year 'Family Planning is a Human Right' is the theme for World Population Day 2018. The UNFPA states that "Parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children". 

#WorldPopulationDay #FamilyPlanning #WPD2018 #FP50

Reproductive Health

Our most relevant journal at BMC, Reproductive Reproductive HealthHealth, focuses on all aspects of human reproduction. The journal defines good reproductive health as being able to have a satisfying and safe sex life, the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if, when, and how often to do so.

Check out highly influential research from this and other relevant journals below. 

  • International Journal for Equity in Health

    International Journal for Equity in HealthFeatured research
    Inequities in utilization of reproductive and maternal health services in Ethiopia
    Full text

    Use of family planning and child health services in the private sector: an equity analysis of 12 DHS surveys
    Full text

  • Reproductive Health

    Reproductive HealthFeatured research
    ​​​​​​​Access to abortion under the heath exception: a comparative analysis in three​​​​​​​ countries
    Full text

    A never-before opportunity to strengthen investment and action on adolescent contraception, and what we must do to make full use of it
    Full text

    A randomized controlled trial of an intervention delivered by mobile phone app instant messaging to increase the acceptability of effective contraception among young people in Tajikistan
    Full text

    Demand for family planning satisfied with modern methods among sexually active women in low- and middle-income countries: who is lagging behind?
    Full text

    Factors affecting modern contraceptive use among fecund young women in Bangladesh: does couples’ joint participation in household decision making matter?
    Full text

    ​​​​​​​Research gaps and emerging priorities in sexual and reproductive health in Africa and the eastern Mediterranean regions
    Full text

  • BMC Public Health

    BMC Public HealthFeatured research
    Development of an intervention delivered by mobile phone aimed at decreasing unintended pregnancy among young people in three lower middle income countries
    Full text

    Discourses on the postcoital pill in young women
    Full text

    ​​​​​​​Use of traditional and modern contraceptives among childbearing women: findings from a mixed methods study in two southwestern Nigerian states
    Full text

  • Archives of Public Health

    Archives of Public Health​​​​​​​Featured research
    Barrier, weakness and utilization of pre-pregnancy clinic services
    Full text

  • Conflict and Health

    Conflict and HealthFeatured research
    Wishful thinking versus operational commitment: is the international guidance on priority sexual and reproductive health interventions in humanitarian settings becoming unrealistic?
    Full text

  • Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition

    Journal of Health, Population and NutritionFeatured research
    Factors influencing contraceptive use and non-use among women of advanced reproductive age in Nigeria
    Full text

  • BMC Women's Health

    BMC Women's HealthFeatured research
    Female sex workers experiences of using contraceptive methods: ​​​​​​​a qualitative study in Kenya
    Full text

  • BMC Health Services Research

    BMC Heath Services ResearchFeatured research
    Community and health systems barriers and enablers to family planning and contraceptive services provision and use in Kabwe District, Zambia
    Full text

    Healthcare workers’ beliefs, motivations and behaviours affecting adequate provision of sexual and reproductive healthcare services to adolescents in Cape Town, South Africa: a qualitative study
    Full text

    High rate of unplanned pregnancy in the context of integrated family planning and HIV care services in South Africa
    Full text