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World Parkinson's Day 2019

#UniteForParkinsons#UNITED for Parkinson’s is a new and exciting awareness campaign that aims to build on the #UniteForParkinsons success by bringing together committed Parkinson’s supporters from around the world who want to change common misconceptions about the disease. BMC is proud to support World Parkinson's Day (April 11th) by showcasing relevant parkinson's research from our open access journals - browse the articles below.

from Neurological Research and Practice

Neurobiology and clinical features of impulse control failure in Parkinson’s disease​​​​​​​

from Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation

Evaluation of tremor interference with control of voluntary reaching movements in patients with Parkinson’s disease​​​​​​​

Recent advances in rehabilitation for Parkinson’s Disease with Exergames: A Systematic Review

Tele-monitored tDCS rehabilitation: feasibility, challenges and future perspectives in Parkinson’s disease

from Journal of Clinical Movement Disorders

Characterization of vitamin D supplementation and clinical outcomes in a large cohort of early Parkinson’s disease​​​​​​​

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Edited by: Paolo Martelletti

PainkillersThis collection of articles results from the tight collaboration between the European Headache Federation (EHF) and its Official Journal, The Journal of Headache and Pain. Read the collection

Edited by: Messoud AshinaMigraine​​​​​​​

Here, we introduce the The Journal of Headache and Pain thematic series on pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP) as an emerging molecule in primary headaches. Read the collection

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ISRCTN trial registry

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