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Migraine Awareness Week 2019

We’re celebrating Migraine Awareness Week 2019, which aims to bring attention to migraine, educate the public and reduce stigma.

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Migraine AuraEdited by: Anders Hougaard, Paolo Martelletti and Michele Viana

Migraine aura (MA) is a common, multifaceted and fascinating phenomenon. The knowledge of MA is constantly expanding and research into MA mechanisms has brought about new insights into the functioning of our brain - read the published research so far in this collection.

MiceEdited by: Cenk Ayata, Andrea M. Harriott

Animal models are critical for progress in headache research. However, translational models of headache are used in only a small number of labs across the world. This thematic series, published in The Journal of Headache and Pain, aims to change this by spreading awareness about them. Consequently, we assembled review articles on headache models we hope will stimulate interest in their use. Learn more.

Relevant articles for Migraine Awareness Week 2019

Genetic mouse models of migraine

Diffusion tensor imaging in middle-aged headache sufferers in the general population: a cross-sectional population-based imaging study in the Nord-Trøndelag health study (HUNT-MRI)

How to integrate monoclonal antibodies targeting the calcitonin gene-related peptide or its receptor in daily clinical practice

Electrical stimulation of the superior sagittal sinus suppresses A-type K+ currents and increases P/Q- and T-type Ca2+ currents in rat trigeminal ganglion neurons

Fluctuations of sensorimotor processing in migraine: a controlled longitudinal study of beta event related desynchronization

Explore articles from the collection: The changing face of migraine

MigraineEdited by: Messoud Ashina, Lars Edvinsson, Paolo Martelletti

This topical collection explores the changing face of migraine and examines where we are in meeting the long-standing unmet need of a more individualized and targeted approach. Read the published articles.

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Articles from across Springer Nature

Migraine Literacy and Treatment in a University Sample

Bariatric Surgery Promising in Migraine Control: a Controlled Trial on Weight Loss and Its Effect on Migraine Headache

Neck pain: is it part of a migraine attack or a trigger before a migraine attack?

What the pharmacological management of migraine can tell us about the future of migraine patient care

Health Behaviors in Episodic Migraine: Why Behavior Change Matters