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Introducing the new BMC Research Notes

New Content ItemSince it launched in 2008, BMC Research Notes has been a place where researchers can publish research outputs that are useful for the community but can otherwise end up hidden in a researcher’s notebook or as a footnote in a dataset.

In order to re-affirm the importance of publishing these kinds of outputs, the journal is renewing its focus on publishing note articles and to making potentially dark data such as observations and short null results available.

Article types

To increase clarity and simplicity, we have reduced the number of article types and created the Research note and the Data note.

Our notes are quick to write, fast to publish and enable you to get credit for work which was previously hidden. 

Research Notes

New Content ItemBMC Research Notes is a forum for micro publication across all scientific disciplines - physical, earth and environmental, engineering, biological and health sciences.  We believe simple but sound observations deserve a platform.

A research note is ideal for the following:

New Content Item

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Data Notes

New Content ItemValuable data often go unpublished when it could be helping to progress science. Hence, we launched data notes - a short article type allowing you to describe your data and publish it to make your data easier to find, cite and share. 

A data note can be from any scientific discipline - from nanotechnology to global health, from machine learning to physical cosmology.

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We're expanding our scope

As the BMC Series expands into the physical and engineering disciplines, so has research notes. We now accept articles across the following disciplines:

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Provide the puzzle piece others are looking for

We encourage you to submit those notes from your notepad; that experiment that didn’t quite work out; that algorithm that didn't provide expected results, and your hard-learnt lessons in the field.

Turn those data already collected into a publication and potentially provide the puzzle piece others are looking for.

Why publish in BMC Research Notes?

  • Communicate research in an easy-to-digest format
  • Same threshold and editorial rigor as other BMC-series journals
  • Open up new ways of thinking and testing that are of value to the research community
  • High standard and quality outputs