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14th International Congress of Parasitology

Sunday 19th - Friday 24th August

Being held in Daegu, South Korea, ICOPA 2018 brings together over 2,000 delegates to debate current issues and possible solutions in all areas of parasitology. 

Here at BMC, we are supporting ICOPA 2018 by presenting you with our best open access research from our internationally renowned journals in the area of parasitology. Found these articles of interest? Be sure to sign-up to receive article alerts featuring all our latest research. 

Malaria Journal

Adjunctive therapy for severe malaria: a review and critical appraisal

New Content Item © Marcel Hommel

This review describes a new type of treatment for severe forms of malaria (including fatal forms of cerebral malaria) that modulates the host response to infection 

Malaria and the ‘last’ parasite: how can technology help?

New Content Item © Photo credit Marcel Hommel

This review describes the technical diagnosis tools used to detect malaria infections, in order to permanently eliminate malaria from the population

Keys to the avian malaria parasites

New Content Item ©

This review describes studies of malaria in birds, and the need to develop biomarkers to distinguish the large number of new strains of plasmodium parasites they carry.

Parasites & Vectors

Parasite responses to pollution: what we know and where we go in ‘Environmental Parasitology’

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Parasite sensitivity to pollutants and environmental disturbances makes many taxa useful indicators of environmental health and anthropogenic impact. This review highlights the application of parasites as indicators at different biological scales, from the organismal to the ecosystem.

Mosquito-borne arboviruses of African origin: review of key viruses and vectors

New Content Item ©

Increased human population growth in decades ahead coupled with increased international travel and trade is likely to sustain and increase the threat of further geographical spread of current and new arboviral disease.

Recent insights into the tick microbiome gained through next-generation sequencing

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This review summarises next-generation sequencing (NGS) strategies for tick microbiome studies and discusses the recent findings from tick NGS investigations, including the bacterial diversity and composition, influential factors, and implications of the tick microbiome.

Infectious Diseases of Poverty

Severe thrombocytopaenia in patients with vivax malaria compared to falciparum malaria: A systematic review and meta-analysis

New Content Item

The review provides evidence of the clinical relevance of severe thrombocytopaenia in P. vivax malaria.

Snail-borne parasitic diseases: an update on global epidemiological distribution, transmission interruption and control methods

New Content Item

This review summarizes the core roles of snails in the life cycles of the parasites they host, their clinical manifestations and disease distributions as well as the existing snail control methods.

Toxocariasis: a silent threat with a progressive public health impact

New Content Item

This review summarizes the recent advances in the epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and pharmacotherapies that have been used in the treatment of toxocariasis.