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General Medicine & Medical Evidence: Open Access Research

Welcome to our open access research page dedicated to general medicine and medical evidence content from our BMC and Springer portfolios. Browse research articles, blogs, collections and more, as selected by our Editors. All articles are free to read until May 2nd 2021. Open access articles are freely available at any time.

Research Integrity and Peer Review

The acceptability of using a lottery to allocate research funding: a survey of applicants

Quantifying professionalism in peer review

The limitations to our understanding of peer review


Why do patients take part in research? An overview of systematic reviews of psychosocial barriers and facilitators

Developing a roadmap to improve trial delivery for under-served groups: results from a UK multi-stakeholder process

Exclusion rates in randomized controlled trials of treatments for physical conditions: a systematic review

Trial Forge Guidance 2: how to decide if a further Study Within A Trial (SWAT) is needed

Research Involvement and Engagement

Patient involvement in preparing health research peer-reviewed publications or results summaries: a systematic review and evidence-based recommendations

PPI Or User Involvement: Taking stock from a service user perspective in the twenty first century

Guidance on authorship with and acknowledgement of patient partners in patient-oriented research

Systematic Reviews

Considerations for conducting systematic reviews: evaluating the performance of different methods for de-duplicating references

Role of preoperative intravenous iron therapy to correct anemia before major surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Journal of Translational Medicine

Effects of a ketogenic diet in overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome

The effects of statins on dental and oral health: a review of preclinical and clinical studies

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Mentorship of Underrepresented Physicians and Trainees in Academic Medicine: a Systematic Review

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) as Implemented in Five Veterans Affairs Health Systems: a Multi-site Cluster Randomized Pragmatic Trial

Diagnostic and Prognostic Research

Harnessing repeated measurements of predictor variables for clinical risk prediction: a review of existing methods

Translational Medicine Communications

Comparative molecular cell-of-origin classification of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma based on liquid and tissue biopsies

European Journal of Medical Research

Antimicrobial peptides in human synovial membrane as (low-grade) periprosthetic joint infection biomarkers

BMC Medicine

Individual and combined associations between cardiorespiratory fitness and grip strength with common mental disorders: a prospective cohort study in the UK Biobank

Adverse effects of Z-drugs for sleep disturbance in people living with dementia: a population-based cohort study

Maternal dietary quality, inflammatory potential and childhood adiposity: an individual participant data pooled analysis of seven European cohorts in the ALPHABET consortium

Genome Medicine

Comprehensive molecular characterization of gastric cancer patients from phase II second-line ramucirumab plus paclitaxel therapy trial.

CEOP/IVE/GDP alternating regimen compared with CEOP as the first-line therapy for newly diagnosed patients with peripheral T cell lymphoma: results from a phase 2, multicenter, randomized, controlled clinical trial

Clinical and Experimental Medicine

“Mixed connective tissue disease”: a condition in search of an identity

The risk of cardiovascular complications in inflammatory bowel disease

EPMA Journal

Prostate cancer management: long-term beliefs, epidemic developments in the early twenty-first century and 3PM dimensional solutions

Flavonoids against the Warburg phenotype—concepts of predictive, preventive and personalised medicine to cut the Gordian knot of cancer cell metabolis

Journal of Medical Case Reports

Paternity seven years after a negative post-vasectomy semen analysis: a case report

Research Integrity and Peer Review

The role of geographic bias in knowledge diffusion: a systematic review and narrative synthesis

Open up: a survey on open and non-anonymized peer reviewing

MyCites: a proposal to mark and report inaccurate citations in scholarly publications


It is unprecedented: trial management during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Journal of Translational Medicine

Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio predicts critical illness patients with 2019 coronavirus disease in the early stage

Emerging SARS-CoV-2 mutation hot spots include a novel RNA-dependent-RNA polymerase variant

BMC Medicine

Forecasting spatial, socioeconomic and demographic variation in COVID-19 health care demand in England and Wales

The impact of local and national restrictions in response to COVID-19 on social contacts in England: a longitudinal natural experiment

COVID-19 length of hospital stay: a systematic review and data synthesis

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Post-Discharge Health Status and Symptoms in Patients with Severe COVID-19

Genome Medicine

Multiple approaches for massively parallel sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 genomes directly from clinical samples

Systematic Reviews

Vaccines to prevent COVID-19: a protocol for a living systematic review with network meta-analysis including individual patient data (The LIVING VACCINE Project)

European Journal of Medical Research

Laboratory features of severe vs. non-severe COVID-19 patients in Asian populations: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The effect of coronavirus infection (SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV) during pregnancy and the possibility of vertical maternal–fetal transmission: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Translational Medicine Communications

C-C chemokine receptor type 5 links COVID-19, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hydroxychloroquine: in silico analysis

Synergy of melanin and vitamin-D may play a fundamental role in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections and halt COVID-19 by inactivating furin protease

BMC Medical Research Methodology

COVID-19-related medical research: a meta-research and critical appraisal

Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Organ-specific manifestations of COVID-19 infection

EPMA Journal

Early decrease in blood platelet count is associated with poor prognosis in COVID-19 patients—indications for predictive, preventive, and personalized medical approach

Journal of Medical Case Reports

An itchy erythematous papular skin rash as a possible early sign of COVID-19: a case report

COVID-19 with repeated positive test results for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR and then negative test results twice during intensive care: a case report

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Featured Blog and Collection

We need to develop counter adaptations to predatory journals

Predatory journals pose a threat to the integrity of science. Kelly D. Cobey and David Moher, from the Centre for Journalology at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, discuss the need to counter adaptations by predatory journals in order to differentiate them from legitimate OA journals.

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A collection of methodologies for COVID-19 research and data analysis

This collection from BMC Medical Research Methodology aims to report on original peer-reviewed research articles in methodological approaches to medical research related to COVID-19.

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