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Clinical Trials Day

Clinical Trials Day, celebrated on May 20th, is an opportunity to recognize and show appreciation to clinical research professionals for their efforts in improving public health. 

Join us in celebrating Clinical Trials Day 2022 with blogs, featured articles, and collections from BMC Trials.

If you are interested in publishing clinical trials research, please consider submitting your manuscript to the latest collections in our Trials journal: Impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials and Case studies of experience with interim data and IDMCs in RCTs

Clinical Trials Research

Promoting inclusion in clinical trials—a rapid review of the literature and recommendations for action 

Developing the INCLUDE Ethnicity Framework—a tool to help trialists design trials that better reflect the communities they serve 

Exploring the inclusion of under-served groups in trials methodology research: an example from ethnic minority populations’ views on deferred consent 

Patient and public involvement in randomised clinical trials: a mixed-methods study of a clinical trials unit to identify good practice, barriers and facilitators 

Patient and public involvement in numerical aspects of trials (PoINT): exploring patient and public partners experiences and identifying stakeholder priorities  

The People’s Trial: supporting the public’s understanding of randomised trials 

Letter on “Sharing trial results directly with trial participants and other stakeholders after the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic hit the UK – experience from the ActWELL trial” 

An evaluation of the process of informed consent: views from research participants and staff  


Clinical trial management: a profession in crisis?

A report from the NIHR UK working group on remote trial delivery for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

How can behavioural science help us design better trials?

How much is the lack of retention evidence costing trial teams in Ireland and the UK?

The role of machine learning in clinical research: transforming the future of evidence generation

Planning a method for covariate adjustment in individually randomised trials: a practical guide

The SPIRIT Checklist—lessons from the experience of SPIRIT protocol editors

Estimands in published protocols of randomised trials: urgent improvement needed

Improving peer review of systematic reviews by involving librarians and information specialists: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Featured Blogs

Structured reporting of study protocols

In this blog for Clinical Trials Day 2022, we reflect on the Trials journal Structured Study Protocol Template project since its launch in 2019.

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COVID-19 structured summaries: rapid publication of randomised trial protocols in BMC Trials

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid sharing of information about planned clinical trials investigating treatments and vaccines was necessary. In this blog for Clinical Trials Day 2021, we look at the novel reporting of study protocols of COVID-19 randomised trials through the BMC Trials structured summary project over the past year. 

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Welcoming Submissions

Call for papers: Case studies of experience with interim data and IDMCs in RCTs

Trials invites submission of manuscripts setting out examples of interim (and final) data and the decisions that were made, and of reactions to IDMC recommendations. IDMC members are not co-authors on trial results papers or protocol papers because this compromises their independence; however, co-authorship would be encouraged for these manuscripts to ensure that insight is captured from all parties. If necessary, Trials could explore how to blind individual trials where sharing lessons could be problematic. These case studies would be intended as Commentaries.

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Call for papers: Impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials

Trials is inviting submission of manuscripts, long and short, including Letters and Commentaries detailing the enforced changes to trial design; trial management; recruitment; consent process; intervention delivery and follow up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also welcome submission of Updates to protocols previously published in Trials that describe changes made because of COVID-19.

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