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Celebrating Brain Awareness Week 2016

Blogs for Brain Awareness Week

Why neuroscience needs neuroinformatics

A Q&A with Dr Helena Ledmyr on her career, neuroinformatics and outreach in neuroscience.

Open science resources for contributing to brain imaging research

Cameron Craddock highlights open science in neuroimaging and emphasizes ways in which the community can help nurture new tools and resources for brain research.

• Impaired proteins and gender differences in dementia

Xavier Gallart discusses the molecular basis of gender differences in dementia, the ‘silent epidemic.’

• Reading Minds, Sharing Control - blending human intention and autonomous robotics

Dr Jennifer L. Collinger from the University of Pittsburgh discusses how intelligent vision-guided robotic assistance can improve the performance of brain-machine interfaces.

Other related blog posts

Think to walk: restoring walking after paraplegia

The use of virtual reality to improve limb use for persons post-stroke

• Alzheimer’s and a shrinking hippocampus

• Diet and Mental Health: Does food affect your mood?

• BMC Psychiatry: Highlights of 2015

Brain Awareness Week 2016 Quiz

How much do you know about the brain? Test your knowledge!

Top Brain Research Articles

In support of Brain Awareness Week we are proud to present a multi-journal collection of the excellent research published by scientists working to unravel the mysteries of the brain: from how it controls the body and drives behaviour, to the development of therapies for brain-based disorders.

The feasibility of a brain-computer interface functional electrical stimulation system for the restoration of overground walking after paraplegia

The visual amplification of goal-oriented movements counteracts acquired non-use in hemiparetic stroke patients

How music training enhances working memory: a cerebrocerebellar blending mechanism that can lead equally to scientific discovery and therapeutic efficacy in neurological disorders

Analysis of in vivo turnover of tau in a mouse model of tauopathy

Verbal and non-verbal memory and hippocampal volumes in a memory clinic population

Changes in the neurochemistry of athletes with repetitive brain trauma: preliminary results using localized correlated spectroscopy

Disease-related microglia heterogeneity in the hippocampus of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, and hippocampal sclerosis of aging

An investigation of the ‘female camouflage effect’ in autism using a computerized ADOS-2 and a test of sex/gender differences

Neuroenology: how the brain creates the taste of wine

Associations between fruit and vegetable consumption and psychological distress: results from a population-based study

Using social media for support and feedback by mental health service users: thematic analysis of a twitter conversation

Do habits always override intentions? Pitting unhealthy snacking habits against snack-avoidance intentions 

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Trending themes in neurobiology

This collection of reviews from Biological Research explores the recent advances of neurobiology from several top Chilean neurobiologists.