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Submission checklist

Thank you for deciding to submit your paper to BioMed Central.

Please make sure you have satisfied the points on the following checklist before submitting your manuscript. If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact If you are submitting a manuscript to a particular Special Issue, please refer to its specific name in your covering letter.

1. Email addresses
Do you have a list of the email addresses for all the co-authors of the manuscript? You will need to provide these so that we can inform the co-authors when the manuscript has been received and when it is published.

2. Instructions for Authors
Have you read the detailed Instructions for Authors for BioMed Central? You may also like to read BioMed Central's peer review policy.

3. Covering letter and peer reviewers
Have you prepared a covering letter for your submission, explaining why we should publish your manuscript and elaborating on any issues relating to our editorial policies detailed in the instructions for authors? This should be provided using the 'cover letter' section of the submission process.

4. Manuscript files
Do you have all the files for the manuscript in an acceptable format?

  • Main manuscript
    Tables less than 2 pages (about 90 rows) should be included at the end of the manuscript. Longer tables should be submitted, and referred to in the text, as additional files.
  • PDF files cannot be processed in production. If your manuscript is accepted, you will be required to re-submit an editable file.

  • Figure files
    Must be separate files, not embedded in the main manuscript.
  • Additional files
    May be any standard type of file, eg. movies, datasets, large tables etc.
    Files must be named with the three letter file extension appropriate to the file type (eg .pdf, .xls, .txt)
    Additional material files should include necessary material that cannot be included in the PDF version of the published article, such as large datasets or movies . Tables should ordinarily be included in the manuscript file, unless they are exceptionally large (more than 2 manuscript pages or 90 rows). The manuscript file should include a short description of any additional files and software necessary to view them.
  • Please refer to the Instructions for Authors for further information about suitable file types.

    5. Article-processing charges
    The publication costs for articles in BioMed Central are covered by the journal, so authors do not need to pay an article processing charge.

    6. Are you one of the authors of this article?
    If not, you cannot submit the article on behalf of the authors.

    As part of the submission process you will assign a contact author for the article, and this can be yourself or a co-author where they are registered. Once the manuscript is submitted the contact author takes responsibility so only they will be able to access the manuscript online in the 'My manuscripts' section of the website and receive correspondence sent throughout the peer review and production process.

    7. Conditions of submission and ${} Copyright and License Agreement
    Do you confirm that all the authors of the manuscript have read and agreed to its content and are accountable for all aspects of the accuracy and integrity of the manuscript in accordance with ICMJE criteria? Do you confirm that readily reproducible materials described in the manuscript will be freely available to any scientist wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes , and that you have ethical approval for any human or animal experimentation (for more information see our Instructions for Authors)? Do you confirm that the manuscript is original, has not already been published in a journal and is not currently under consideration by another journal? By clicking the button below, you are confirming these points and agreeing to these and all other terms of the ${} Copyright and License Agreement and Open Data policy, which we strongly recommend you read.

    For authors who are prevented from being copyright holders (for instance where Crown Copyright applies or researchers are US government employees) SpringerOpen can accommodate nonstandard copyright lines. If this applies to you, Please contact us and provide details of your situation.

    Yes, I am the submitting author of this article and I accept the conditions of submission and the ${} Copyright and License Agreement - take me to the next step.