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Non-conventional yeast-based processes for conversion of renewable feedstocks into bioproducts

Invited collection

Efficient conversion of renewable and low-cost raw materials into bioproducts is of utmost importance for a successful establishment of a circular bioeconomy. These bioprocesses require a range of different microbial cell factories that are well suited for the specific purposes. In this respect, conventional baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae lacks many of the desired traits, including conversion of complex carbon sources, tolerance towards challenging process conditions and generation of a wide range of bioproducts. On the other hand, many non-conventional yeasts (NCY) have these capabilities, and they are therefore predicted to play key roles in future biotechnological production processes.

To develop new bioprocesses for utilization of renewable carbon sources and NCY cell factories, multi-disciplinary research efforts are required. We need a better understanding of how to generate alternative carbon sources such as carboxylic acids and biomass-derived sugars that NCY can convert into products. We also need to characterize and tailor the NCY cell factories and optimize the cultivation and fermentation conditions to maximize titers and yields of the targeted bioproducts. The overall aim of the "YEAST4BIO" network, funded by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), is to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between researchers working within this field both in academia and industry, and thereby driving research and innovation forward.

In this special collection of Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts, articles within YEAST4BIO-related research areas are presented. The articles focus on biomass fractionation and hydrolysis, NCY cultivation and fermentation as well as NCY characterization and development through molecular biology, genetics and physiology studies. Collectively, the articles show both the breadth and the depth of research within the YEAST4BIO COST Action and exemplifies the current challenges, improvements and possibilities within the field.

Submissions of original Research ArticleMethodology and Review papers will be included upon invitation only from the Guest Editors. Deadline: 30th June 2022. Please submit via journal online submission system and indicate during submission that you are submitting to the Non-conventional yeast-based processes for conversion of renewable feedstocks into bioproducts collection. All manuscripts received will be subject to editorial triage and peer review as is standard for the journal.

Articles will be published continuously in the main journal and highlighted on the collection homepage as soon as they are ready.

Guest Editors: Dr. Elia Tomás-Pejó (IMDEA Energy, Spain), Dr. Antonio D. Moreno (CIEMAT, Spain) and Dr. Cecilia Geijer (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden).