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Year in review 2013

  1. In this review, we discuss articles published in 2013 contributing to the existing literature on the management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and the evaluation and management of several other emergency co...

    Authors: Scott A Goldberg, Bryan Kharbanda and Paul E Pepe
    Citation: Critical Care 2014 18:593
  2. Infectious complications, particularly in the respiratory tract of critically ill patients, are related to increased mortality. Severe infection is part of a multiple system illness and female patients with se...

    Authors: Girish B Nair and Michael S Niederman
    Citation: Critical Care 2014 18:572
  3. Novel insights into the metabolic alterations of critical illness, including new findings on association between blood glucose at admission and poor outcome, were published in Critical Care in 2013. The role of d...

    Authors: Olivier Lheureux and Jean-Charles Preiser
    Citation: Critical Care 2014 18:571
  4. We review original research in the field of critical care nephrology accepted or published in 2013 in Critical Care and, when considered relevant or linked to these studies, in other journals. Three main topics h...

    Authors: Zaccaria Ricci, Matteo Di Nardo and Claudio Ronco
    Citation: Critical Care 2014 18:574
  5. This review presents key publications from the research field of sepsis published in Critical Care and other relevant journals during 2013. The results of these experimental studies and clinical trials are discus...

    Authors: Etienne de Montmollin and Djillali Annane
    Citation: Critical Care 2014 18:578
  6. This review documents important progress made in 2013 in the field of critical care respirology, in particular with regard to acute respiratory failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Twenty-five orig...

    Authors: Gerard F Curley and Arthur S Slutsky
    Citation: Critical Care 2014 18:577