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Water and carbon cycles in a changing climate

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This is an article collection published in Carbon Balance and Management.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in studying the mechanisms of interaction between water and carbon cycles. However, resistance of these mechanisms to climate change and increasing pressure associated with the population growth remains largely unclear.  Due to growing demands for food, wood products, energy, climate mitigation and biodiversity conservation, it is important to quantify the limitations to climate mitigation posed by insufficient water supply on the land and potentials for carbon accumulation in water bodies, including the ocean.

Toward this goal, this article collection presents novel research, methods and reviews on water-carbon interactions. This may include:

  • advances in modeling the spatio-temporal features of the water-carbon cycles and interactions
  • remote sensing applications for analyzing the water and carbon dynamics at regional scale
  • advanced approaches for estimating the geographical and temporal distributions of carbon pools and fluxes associated with water availability
  • in-situ observation of water-carbon fluxes between vegetation canopy and atmosphere
  • statistic analysis of global, regional, local effect of insufficient water supply on the carbon sinks
  • quantitative attribution of the factors driving the water and carbon cycling processes
  • comprehensive assessment of climate change effects on water-carbon interactions
  • deriving adaptive strategies for sustainable water and carbon management at the local or regional scale
  • accumulation of carbon in marine sediments.

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Edited by: Yiping Wu, Long Cao and Georgii Alexandrov

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