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Thyroid in reproduction

Edited by Sofie Bliddal

New Content ItemThyroid hormones play an essential role in female reproduction and fetal development. Thyroid dysfunction has been associated with both female infertility, early pregnancy loss, late-pregnancy adverse events, and offspring (neuro)development. Even the presence of thyroid autoimmunity without thyroid dysfunction has been associated with reproductive risks. However, intervention studies aiming at correcting mild thyroid function aberrations have failed to show a clinical benefit, and studies refining the distinction between health and disease are greatly needed as well as studies enlightening the field of the potential mechanisms behind thyroid-related reproductive failure. While a focus on mild aberrations have gained much attention in recent decades, a renewed focus on overt thyroid disease applying modern assays, technologies and treatments seems timely. Finally, as evidence mounts on the long-term health impact of reproductive failure, thyroid-related reproductive failure may be an important predictor of long-term endocrine or autoimmune comorbidity.

This collection of articles in Thyroid Research aims to present recent advances within the field of thyroid and reproduction. The call is open for any paper (reviews, research articles, unique clinical cases, any other) within the reach of the overall theme.

Suggestions for possible topics could include:

  • Maternal thyroid function and fetal development/programming
  • Defining at-risk phenotypes within thyroid dysfunction and autoimmunity and reproductive failure
  • Interplay between the thyroid and the immune system or other endocrine diseases in reproduction
  • Overt thyroid disease in reproduction – prevalence, prognosis, and effect of treatment
  • Long-term impact of maternal thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy to the mother or child
  • The role of thyroid disease and/or autoimmunity preconception or post-partum

Manuscripts should be formatted according to our submission guidelines and submitted via the online submission system. In the submission system please make sure the correct collection title is chosen on the additional information tab. Please also indicate clearly in the covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for the ‘Thyroid in reproduction’ collection.

Conflicts of interest:

Sofie Bliddal’s research salary is paid by the Capital Region of Denmark’s Research Foundation. Sofie Bliddal is an associate editor of Thyroid Research and editor of Thyroid. She is the coauthor of the American Thyroid Association’s pending updated guidelines on thyroid in pregnancy and coauthor of the Danish Endocrine Society’s guidelines on thyroid in pregnancy and infertility (first edition published in 2015, revised in 2018 and pending 2022).

There are currently no articles in this collection.