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Topical Collection on Ageing

  1. Alterations in trace element homeostasis could be involved in the pathology of dementia, and in particular of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Zinc is a structural or functional component of many proteins, being invo...

    Authors: Johnathan R. Nuttall and Patricia I. Oteiza
    Citation: Genes & Nutrition 2013 9:379
  2. Demyelination is a pathological process characterized by the loss of myelin around axons. In the central nervous system, oligodendroglial damage and demyelination are common pathological features characterizin...

    Authors: Ana M. Adamo
    Citation: Genes & Nutrition 2013 9:360
  3. Cellular polarity concerns the spatial asymmetric organization of cellular components and structures. Such organization is important not only for biological behavior at the individual cell level, but also for...

    Authors: Helena Soares, H. Susana Marinho, Carla Real and Fernando Antunes
    Citation: Genes & Nutrition 2013 9:371