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Special Issue in memory of Takashi Sugimura

New Content ItemGenes and Environment has collected reviews and research articles for a special issue commemorating the memory of  late Dr. Takashi Sugimura (1926-2020). 

The issue includes 1. mutagenicity, carcinogenicity and metabolism of dietary heterocyclic aromatic amines, and  the evidence of human cancer risk from epidemiological studies, 2. cancer interception by chlorophylls, 3. chemical mechanisms of etheno adduct formation and its role on mutagenesis, 4. acetaldehyde generation from dietary components.

  1. Chemical carcinogens to humans have been usually identified by epidemiological studies on the relationships between occupational or environmental exposure to the agents and specific cancer induction. In contra...

    Authors: Takehiko Nohmi and Masahiko Watanabe
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:38
  2. Alcohol consumption and the ingestion of red meat and oxidized cooking oil are risk factors of gastric and colorectal cancers. We reported that acetaldehyde (AcAld) is generated from Heme/Mb/Meat-Linoleate-EtO...

    Authors: Hiroshi Kasai and Kazuaki Kawai
    Citation: Genes and Environment 2021 43:28